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Going Down on Secretary Sandra

Sandra lay back on the crisp white sheets nestling herself into the warm bedding. Her two eager photographers looked at her thinking what poses to ask for next.

The photo shoot had gone well, the location was good - a large well lit room, and it was sunny.

Sandra was really getting into her stride in this shoot. Her black dress, high heels and underwear had long since been removed leaving her just with her black hold up stockings. She moved a little getting more comfortable.

“OK - so, how do you want me next?” she asked them.

Sandra leant back and opened her legs a little wider.

Graham looked at Sandra - saw her tattoo, the shaven pubes and her jewelled clitoral stud.

Putting his camera down, he moved towards the big bed, kneeling in front of Sandra.

“Come towards me honey. I need to taste you”.

Sandra moved slowly, deliberately down the bed towards Graham’s face moving from side to side as she did. Graham watched as Sandra slid slowly down the bed - he noticed her moving from side to side, causing her labia to open slightly. He thought he saw the jewelled stud winking at him.

“Let me help” she giggled.

Sandra moved her hands down to her crutch. Graham watched as Sandra’s red nailed fingers reached down towards her crutch and pussy. Her fingers made the slightest contact with her vulva. Slowly Sandra spread herself open for him. The contrast between the deep lustrous red finger nails and her juicy pink pussy was spectacular.

Graham could feel his already stiff cock stiffen a little more and start twitching.

As she drew closer to him he licked his lips and moved towards her. He exhaled slowly as he pussy came close to him. Sandra could sense Graham’s warm breath as he moved slowly towards her pussy.

Graham slowly pushed his moist tongue towards Sandra. His tongue made contact with her labia - they both tingled with excitement. He moved his tongue along and around her fleshy warm labia. He inhaled the musky scent of her pussy. His tongue made contact with her stud for the first time. Sandra’s hands moved down to his head. He felt her hands grip his head as she pressed his head firmly into her crutch.

“Do it to me hun.” she moaned.

He sucked her clit and stud into his mouth - tugging ever so slightly. His tongue gently probed up inside her clitoral hood. Sandra moaned. With her clit and stud inside his mouth, Graham started to nibble and gently bite Sandra’s clit feeling the stud underneath his teeth. He rolled the stud and Sandra’s clit between and along his teeth. Gently at first, then with a little more pressure. He pulled on the stud and her clit - licking it when it was fully extended.

He could feel Sandra arch her lower back as he feasted on her clit. His hands moved instinctively under her trim tight arse and cupped her cheeks. He pulled Sandra further onto his tongue.
His tongue joined in rolling her clit along his teeth. He tingled. He moved from the stud to Sandra’s fleshy labia. Taking them in his mouth he ran his teeth along them, feeling Sandra move to his probing.

Graham probed Sandra’s juicy fragrant hole with his tongue. He rolled his tongue and tried to force it deep inside her pussy. He wanted to tongue fuck her. He lapped at her hole like a wild animal possessed with the scent.

Gary was watching and taking photographs of Graham working on Sandra’s pussy.

He looked down at Sandra; she beckoned to him and opened her mouth.

“Gary I want your cock here”.

Gary put his camera down, moved towards her and slid down his shorts. Sandra took his cock in her hands and started to play with it.

Graham looked up for a moment and saw here exquisite red finger nails around Gary’s cock. Gary moved slightly towards her and Sandra took his cock in her mouth and started to slowly and deliberately suck his erect cock. Graham saw her deep red lips form around Gary’s erect cock. He moved his head back to her pussy.

Sandra moved and groaned as she sucked Gary whilst being sucked and licked by Graham. Slowly a rhythm developed between the three of them on that big bed. They swayed too and fro, gyrating slowly, picking up on each others movements.  Sandra vigorously sucking Gary’s stiff cock. Gary thrusting slowly in and out of Sandra’s mouth. Graham licking and slurping at her juicy honey pot.

With his tongue deep in Sandra’s pussy he could feel her body moving as she sucked and worked on Gary’s cock. His tonguing synchronised with Sandra’s sucking. He gripped her arse and lifted her slightly, at the same time replacing his tongue with his nose. Graham moved his nose along the length of her pussy, starting low down near her perineum pressing as he moved higher up that juicy valley. He ploughed that juicy furrow coating his nose and lips with Sandra’s fragrant juices. As soon as he’d reached to her clitoral hood and stud he’d start again. Each time a little firmer and a little quicker. Sandra was oozing cream.

Graham pulled back a little, pausing for breath, taking in the vista before him. Sandra was lying back, legs apart oozing juice, and furiously sucking on Gary’s cock. Gary was thrusting in tune with Sandra’s sucking. Graham could see some of Sandra’s deep red lipstick had adorned Gary’s erect knob. He could also see Sandra’s red nailed fingers manipulating and wanking Gary’s stiff cock. Sandra had moved to take one of Gary’s balls in her mouth. He whimpered. . God was that a horny sight or what. Graham’s cock twitched at the sight. Sandra knew how to please a guy. Graham wondered if he would get to experience Sandra’s very special touch!

Graham moved back, seeing that his sucking had caused Sandra’s labia to swell and redden. Reaching up he placed both index fingers either side of her wetness and teased them apart. He could see her juicy love hole. Holding her labia he placed his tongue back into position. Time to resume a little tongue fucking he thought. He pressed with his tongue and the tip of his tongue penetrated Sandra’s pussy. She moaned a little and he could feel her shiver with pleasure.

He moved his hands back under her arse. Did that feel wonderful! He pulled himself closer to her musky wetness. His tongue roamed from her love hole up that juicy cleft towards her clit and that piercing. He was captivated with the way that it felt within his mouth. How he could feel all of Sandra’s clit with it. He pushed his tongue under the jewelled stud trying to force his tongue up into her clit hood………………………..