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You are on your way home and go down a back street to avoid getting pulled over for the ride program. You have been out with a young stud and you still have his cum on your face, when you are pulled over. The cop comes to your window and asks you if you have been drinking, as he smells alcohol. You tell him you were out on a date, and he smiles as you have pulled your skirt up so he can see you cunt.

His partner is at the other door and he sees what is going on and winks at his partner. You are asked to step outside and as you do your top slips exposing one of your tits. You start to pull it up when he tells you to stop as they like the view. He asks you to bend over and keep your hands on the roof of your car. He tells you he is going to frisk you and you tell him to help himself. As he bends down to start at your feet you part your legs so his hands reach your cunt. He stops there and says he has to do a cavity search. He probes your cunt with his finger and you start to moan. He asks you if you would blow a breathalizer, which you agree to. He says they have to blindfold you to see if you are sober.

They tell you to open your mouth and they will put the breathalizer in for you. As you open your mouth you hear them chuckle as the one guy shoves his cock into your mouth. You pull it out and ask him what kind of breathalizer this is. He tells you it is the one that will insure that you get home, so you tell him to remove the blindfold and you will do as asked. They do so and you take his cock in your hand and start to suck it hard, going up and down and taking it deep down to your throat. The other guy is watching and you ask him to join in as you might as well enjoy the set back.

They now take turns with their cocks in your mouth. They then pull you up and tell you to turn around with your hands behind your back, and quickly they slap some cuffs on, and push you forward exposing your ass. One of them remarks that he likes to fuck up womens asses, and you anticipate some pain as he was quite large. You tell him all you agreed to was to suck your cocks, and he remarks that you will do whatever they want you to, so shut up and prepare to take it up your ass. He is rough and tells you that they will take their time with you as they have someone in the back seat that they are transferring to a new jail as he is a lifer who has been away for 7 years already and he hasn't seen a real cunt for a long time. After he and his partner have had their fun with you they let the guy out of the back and tell him it is his lucky day. He is standing with his hands cuffed behind him and they push you to your knees and tell you to do him. They remove the cuffs from you and you take his cock out. It is huge, and you attempt to
take it in your mouth but it is too big to get far.

The con is enjoying this and tells them to stand you up and bend you over for him. They do and they both hold your ass open so he can penetrate you. As he does you see stars, as he is so big. He starts to pump you first slowly and then like a caged animal let loose. He pumps you until you are cumming and letting it run down your legs. He pulls out and pushes his cock in your cunt. He pushes it all the way in and you can feel it into your stomach. He pounds away at you like you are a rag doll and just before he comes he pulls out and tells you to suck his cock dry. You get your mouth around the tip and start to suck as he blows into your mouth. The cops are taking pictures to show the guys at the precinct. The cons cum is running down your face, and the cops tell you that you can go, but that they have your address and phone number. They tell you that you might get a call to let you know of a party to be held, and they are always looking for sluts to service the guys. You tell them that if they invite you they better have more respect for you. They let you know that they can do what they like, and they like whores that do as they are told, and fuck when told to. They ask you if you understand, you reply yes, and watch as they get into their car to drive off. You wonder if they will call, and what your answer will be. You are such a cock slut, and they
knew it.