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It Was In The Middle of Summer

It was in the middle of the summer, a friend and I had decided to get away one weekend. We had chosen a seaside town and on a warm evening, we left the motel and walked to the bar. When Eva walked in; she had on a really tight blouse and pants. Every man in the place just looked in amazement. She was easily the sexiest woman around.

We had a drink then sat for our meal. I could tell the waitress was very pleased to be serving us; from where she was standing she could almost see her perky nipples. After a few more drinks I asked her to rearrange her top slightly, so that the waitress could get a glimpse, to my surprise she was more than willing. Eva is a remarkable lady, in the pure sense, and she is always willing to push the envelope.

When the music began, a man nearby, couldn’t take his eye’s of them, I was so turned on, and by the size of her nipples and those well-placed tattoos.

A few more drinks later, she was sitting in a low leather chair and her tanned back created a glow, next to her blonde hair. Now, from the angle, the other man slid over and asked to dance. Eva was wearing white pants and her white lacy thong was obvious. After a few dances, her eyes and well-placed hands, led me to suggest going back to our room.

Keith agreed to join us and we left. I thought, Keith has already seen her nipple’s, lets have some fun. I pulled Eva close to me and started to kiss her. I then put my hand on her leg and slowly pulled it up. She responded very passionately. As we got to our room, she turned around and said “do you want to watch”. I don’t know who was more shocked, me or him. We had never done this before, HOWEVER, our eye’s said it all (Go with the flow).
We got inside, had a very quick drink, then put on some music. Eva began to dance sexily. She came over to me and said “what would you really like me to do. Put a show on for him or for you?” I was so excited at the thought of her being fucked by someone else. That was my choice, I love seeing her turned on.

She sat Keith down then stood over him facing me. She did a little lap dance telling him to keep his hands by his side’s for now. She slowly undid his trousers and pulled them and his underwear off. He was very turned on and very large, she pulled his 8inch cock up and rested it on the front of her lacy white thong. She slid up and down the length of his cock several times and you could see her pussy just pour with excitement.

She then grabbed his huge long cock in her hand and pushed it hard against her thong, she slid back a little then arched her back and took his cock in her mouth a few times.

She did this while removing her thong. She then sat back down with his cock, pressed tight up against her pussy lips. She looked at me and said “this is for you” she slid to the top of his cock and back down to the base a few more times, to really wet her well-shaven pussy, as this was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Then in one easy movement, she pushed his swollen end into her pussy. She let out a little cry of pleasure, as it went in then out then back in again.

She was that wet that you could see it running down his cock. Then as big as it was, she slid all the way down this huge pole like cock, it was so far inside her I couldn’t believe it. I was almost coming just watching. She started slow but like’s it a bit rough, so he was in for a treat. She watched me watching her and she strolled over and laid me the bed. I want two at the same time.

She sucked like never before on my cock. Then she got up and lay down and said “I want you to watch him fuck me hard and fast”. He stood in front of her, then placed his cock back in her pussy, then fucked away like on demand; he grabbed her around the throat and pounded away at her. She loved it so much she came so fast it took her by surprise. She can have multiple orgasms (when fully aroused),so it wasn’t over yet.

I was on the bed and she got on top of me. But, not before Keith ate her drenched pussy, and truly impressed with the golden ring, hung below the hood, several times. She climbed on me and her butt and dolphin-tattoo was in the air, looking so inviting. Keith knelt behind, and spanked her bottom, with his tool. Keith positioned himself behind her and rubbed KY on both of them. He slowly pushed his cock all the way up her arse. It was so tight at first it had her squirming, but three strokes later it eased.

Now two cocks were balling Eva and within seconds she was coming again.
She rolled over and pulled her legs up. He inserted his cock in and banged away. Eva moaned loudly with delight and he came again, this time he really came big and completely filled her full of cum.
She felt it all hot and wet dripping out of her pussy. I watched intensely, as she was tingling with excitement, then let out a huge gasp, as she exploded in to another orgasm