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Santa Cums Up Rita's Chimney

Speedy wrapped herself with the warm duck down duvet and slowly drifted off to sleep. It was the night before Christmas and she'd had one hell of a day at work. It was the big day tomorrow. She really needed a good night's sleep.

Sometime later she awoke and was aware of a presence in her bedroom. In the darkness she thought she could make out a large silhouette. She was tempted to scream out. The presence saw her move and spoke gently to her.

“Speedy, don't scream it's me Father Christmas. I have got something special to give you”.

The calmness in the strangers voice caused Speedy to suppress the urge to scream the house down.

“Father Christmas. How do I know it's really you?”

“If you turn on the bedside light you'll see it's really me”

Speedy did as asked, slowly moving her hand from underneath the warm duvet towards the lamp switch.

Flicking on the switch illuminated Speedy's bedroom with a warm glow. In the light she saw a large man dressed in a deep red coat. Moving her eyes upwards she saw a middle-aged man with a flowing white beard. His face exuded warmth. On his head was a hat the same colour as his coat.

“Well you sure as hell look like Santa. How do I know it's really you though?”

“Easily Speedy, check the locks on the doors and the windows. They're all locked. The only way I can be in your bedroom is by coming down the chimney. If you want to double check I can show you the sleigh and reindeer on your roof”.

Speedy looked at the door - it was locked. The bedroom window was latched shut too.

“Listen” said Santa - “You can just hear the reindeer on the roof”.

Speedy listened, and sure enough she could her animal like noises from the roof. She thought she could also hear a bell - like a cow bell.

Maybe the surprise visitor was really Santa. If he was indeed Santa why had he chosen to visit her tonight.

“Santa” she asked.

“Yes Speedy” he replied.

“OK - you may well be Santa Claus. But why have you come to visit me tonight?”.

“Ah - that is a very long story” he chuckled.

“Suffice to say that my subscription to WWAmateurs was expiring and those clever elves up in Lapland suggested that  I ought to pay you a personal call”.

“So you've seen my site then Santa” Speedy giggled. “What do you think of it?”

Santa paused for a few seconds then said.

“Speedy it's one of my favourite sites. I never miss one of you posts. I think you're really one very hot honey”

Speedy saw the joy on his face as he told her this and thought maybe a little fun was in order.

She'd fantasised about having fun with other people, but never in a million years with Santa Claus. A first time for everything though she thought! Especially as he didn't really exist!

“Santa” she said, pulling the duvet down to slowly revealing herself. “Like what you see?”

First one pert breast then the other. Speedy sat up - her boobs moving as she did. She then deftly pulled back the duvet. So that Santa could see all of her. She lifted her legs onto the bedroom carpet.

“Speedy you look hotter in the flesh than on WWAmateurs” he muttered.

She'd noticed Santa had started to squirm a little and she thought she could discern a bulge in his rich red tunic.

“Santa. Have you really got a stiffy?” she giggled.

“Sure do Speedy” he murmured.

“Let me have a look then. I just love cock. If you visit my WWA site you probably know this!”.

Santa Claus duly obliged, opening his tunic for Speedy. He unhitched his red braces, causing his baggy red trousers to drop towards his boots.

Nestled in a mass of snowy white pubic hair was Santa's erect bobbing cock. Not too big, not too large. Just about perfect to Speedy's eyes. And mouth!

“Come here Santa. Let me take a look at that lovely cock of yours”.

Santa hobbled towards the bed, impeded by this trousers wrapped around his legs.

“Take your trousers off honey ” she giggled.

Santa did as asked and approached Speedy sat on the edge of the bed.

As he got nearer Speedy saw more of Santa's bobbing uncircumcised cock.

“Come to Speedy” she said.

Reaching out she gently took Santa's cock in her hand. It was nicely stiff and warm. Santa's white pubes were downy soft.

Massaging his cock she slowly moved Santa's foreskin back and forth - exposing his glans. The motion caused Santa's cock to stiffen a little more.

He chuckled with pleasure as Speedy slowly wanked him off. His foreskin moving back and forth. With a deft flick Speedy pulled it fully back exposing  Santa's purple helmet.

Reader imagine what you would have thought if you were lucky enough to be looking through Speedy's bedroom window on that very Christmas Eve's night. Here was Speedy wanking off Santa Claus and about to give him a blow job...

“Santa, cum to Speedy” she said.

Santa, willingly obliged. Speedy pulled a little on his stiff cock - pulling Santa towards her face.

“Time to taste Santa Claus' cock” she giggled.

Santa could feel her warm breath on his cock as her face approached. He tensed in anticipation. The tensing also caused his cock to twitch ever so slightly.

Speed deftly manoeuvred Santa's cock towards her open mouth. Slowly her full lips and his cock touched. Santa quivered in anticipation. Speedy pulled slightly, and Santa's cock slipped between her lips.

“Mmmmmmmm” she murmured.

Santa grunted in return.

Speedy slowly and deliberately ran her moist warm tongue all over his purple helmet. Round the rim she licked. Along the rolled up foreskin. Tracing her lips across his cock end she stopped when the very tip of her tongue was resting on Santa's pee hole.

Santa squirmed with pleasure. God was Speedy good at this he thought.

Speedy sensed she'd struck gold and slowly and forcefully pressed the tip of her tongue into his pee hole. Santa squirmed me.

Running her hand along the shaft of Santa's cock, through the fine white hairs her hand found and cupped his ball sac.

Santa moaned. He'd seen her WWA site and knew what she loved to do. He trembled in anticipation. Speedy had his balls in her hand and his cock in her mouth. Heaven.

Speedy slowly upped the tempo. The cock licking had turned into cock sucking. Taking his cock firmly in her mouth she almost inhaled his stiff cock into her warm mouth. Santa could feel the “O” formed by her lips move along the length of his erection. From the very tip of his cock to the root. The feeling was awesome.

Sensing that Santa was starting to lose control pulled away from his erect cock.

“Slow down tiger. How about you giving me some attention?”

“Sucking your cock has got my pussy nice and warm and sticky. Wanna taste?”

Speedy laid back on the bed, and spread her legs, showing Santa her pussy.

“Speedy I've seen you on the TAC sight - it's awesome in the flesh”.

“I can see your Fuck Me tattoo and your clitoral stud too. Mmmmmm. Are they cherries?” he said.

“Sure are hun. How about you licking my pussy and tasting those cherries?”

Santa needed no second request. He was on his knees in a flash. Kneeling before her legs he moved closer. Smelling her moist pussy as he got closer and closer.

Speedy wriggled and writhed slightly in anticipation of what was about to occur. Reaching down she slowly parted her pussy lips allowing Santa to see just how wet she was.

“It's sticky isn't it?” She asked.

Santa's face moved so that his tongue hovered above that juicy sight. He inhaled her musky hotness.

Inching gingerly forward his tongue touched Speedy's labia. He started and pulled back almost as if he'd been electrocuted. His tongue pushed out again touching her moist warm labia. Moving his stiff tongue slightly he brushed against one of the cherries hanging from her stud. They both quivered.

His hands moved to where his tongue was. He gently gripped her puffy aroused labia pulling her open. Holding her open his tongue plunged into her deep warm sticky pussy. As he pressed his tongue into her he was aware that his tongue was getting coated with a warm aromatic stickiness. His snowy beard had also started to absorb her love juices.

By moving his tongue slightly his lips just touched one of the hanging cherries. He tingled, Speedy responded. Santa took the single cherry between his lips and tugged ever so slightly. Speedy moved ever so perceptibly towards him. He responded by taking the other hanging cherry into his mouth, joining the one already present. He tugged gently on both cherries at the same time as slipping the tip of his tongue into Speedy's sopping pussy. Moving the tip of his aroused tongue he traced its was up to Speedy's aroused clitoris. He pressed hard on that love bud and rotated the tip of his tongue around the little mound. He slowly moved his tongue back to the pursed ripe pussy opening. He gripped those sweet cherries and tugged again, enjoying the sensation. Speedy writhed when he did this.

“Just love that Santa” she murmured.

Santa pulled back, and slowly let the juicy cherries slide through his lips. Savouring the musky sweetness he felt them drop from his lips.

Inhaling the smell he resumed his probing. This time replacing his tongue with his nose. Slowly he moved his nose along her pussy valley. Starting low down near her tight rosebud arse his nose travelled slowly upwards. As his nose slid into the warm pussy cleft he pressed ever so slightly. Continuing the motion upwards he slowly felt his nose rise out of her moist pussy and trace up towards her clitoris and her clitoral hood. He felt his nose brush the cherries and it tickled slightly. He almost sneezed. He pressed her swollen clitoris with his nose. Opening his mouth he took both the hanging cherries into his mouth. Sucking on them gently he felt Speedy purr slightly and felt her hips move to and fro.

He repeated the nosing again and again. Loving the sensation and the ever continual coating of her love juices on his nose.

Speedy was getting incredibly turned on with the attention from Santa. She loved receiving oral, and he was damned good at it to. She knew that she was  very slippery, she could feel the moistness. With every probe of Santa's nose she could feel herself opening up. Speedy was ready for a change of focus. Time to put her juicy sticky lubricated pussy to good use.

It was fast approaching the time to ride Santa. She wondered with a chuckle if he was familiar with the Reverse Cow Girl position?

“Santa baby, fancy slipping on top of Speedy?” she purred.

“I want your stiff cock deep inside my juicy pussy.” she demanded.

Santa stopped his nosing, moving from his knees to a standing position. Looking at him Speedy could see that nosing her pussy had kept him good and hard. She could see his erect cock standing perpendicular to his nest of snowy white pubes.

“Looking good Santa!” she whistled at him.

Santa grinned broadly.

“Life in the old boy yet, and then some” he chuckled.

“How do you want me on the bed Speedy?” he asked.

“Let's start with you in the middle of the bed. With me astride your nice stiff cock honey”.

Speedy moved on the bed, making room for Santa.

He removed the last pieces of clothing, and fully naked he climbed onto the bed, positioning himself in the middle of the large bed.

Looking down at him Speedy saw his stiff cock pointing towards her.

“That looks like it needs a little more love and attention before riding you?” she grinned.

Lowering herself down towards Santa she took his turgid cock in her hand. Making a fist around his cock she rhythmically started to masturbate him. Slowly his foreskin moved back and forward.

Santa murmured with delight at this renewed attention.

“I know you like this babe” she purred.

“Time for a little sucking before fucking” she suggested.

“Please Speedy” was all that he could muster in the situation.

Slowly she lowered her face towards his cock. He could feel her warm breath on his cock, sense the presence of her face close to him. Itching for her divine fellatio to commence. Feel her warm mouth inhale his erection. Feel her tongue on his glans. Feel her tongue run over it. Feel her probe his pee hole gently then firmer. Feel her hands gently squeezing his ball sac.

Speedy's lips closed around Santa's cock in a tight “O” and she slowly started to mouth fuck him. Starting at the tip of his cock she pressed down, feeling his erect cock press into her mouth against her lips. Pressing down her lips reached the base of his cock. His snowy white pubes tickled her nose a little. Moving back her lips rose up his cock. Slowly she and Santa established a rhythm - up and down. She gripped his balls at the same time trying to guess how close her magical motions were getting him. She wanted that stiff cock inside her before letting Santa shoot his load.

She'd not decided quite where she wanted the creamy load yet. Speedy loved the taste of warm creamy cum. Speedy loved seeing it arc out of a cock and fly towards her. She loved the sensation as it landed on her face. She was thinking a facial. She loved licking it off her face, tasting the warm salty spunk.

“Santa honey, it's time for me to have that lovely stiff cock deep in my tight pussy” she demanded.

“OK Speedy, on you get, I'm ready for you”. He said.

“Oh I know you're ready, good and ready”. She chuckled.

Speedy moved across the bed, and turned so that her back was towards Santa.

“Unusual position Speedy, is this what they call the Reverse Cow Girl?” he asked.

“You got it in one honey. My absolute favourite position”. She giggled.

“I get all of you deep inside my pussy, and you get the view of your pounding cock in my pussy, and my curvy arse”.

“That works for me Speedy. Let's get at it”. He said.

Speedy positioned herself such that her pussy was just above Santa's purple helmet. Lowering herself slowly, and parting her labia as she did, she slowly made contact with his erect cock. They tingled in anticipation as they touched. Speedy moved around a little settling on his cock. Santa pushed slightly.

“Don't force it honey, don't rush”. She cooed.

Suddenly, almost magically Speedy slipped over and onto Santa's stiff cock. She felt him slide inside her sopping pussy. Felt his cock settle ever deeper in her. Santa raised his hips slightly in synchronisation with Speedy. She felt his stiff cock deep inside her. Settling down she felt his snowy white pubes - he was fully inside her. Santa thought he could feel those two cherries in his pubic hair tickling slightly.

“Mmmmm, this feels wonderful. How about for you?”

“Speedy it feels utterly awesome. Exquisite”.

Speedy start to raise and lower herself on his cock. It was almost as if, in this position, Speedy was fucking Santa. Which in a way she was!

Santa reached out his hands cupping her curvy buttocks. By pulling them slightly he could indeed see his erect cock in Speedy's pussy. This got him more aroused.

“Told you the view was awesome” Speedy giggled.

“You did hun” he replied.

Speedy and Santa continued their fuck-rhythm slowly at first, then building up momentum, quicker and quicker.

Speedy moved her hands down to Santa's balls, trying to check how close he was to unloading his special creamy present. She knew where that was destined.

Their fucking continued unabated, a natural rhythm, slowly, quickening, then Speedy slowing it.

He as getting close, he knew it, she knew it.

“Time for a change of pace hun” she said.

She dismounted from Santa, bent down and licked her cum off of his erect cock as it lay twitching.

“Speedy, what next?” he asked.

“How about a quick anal fuck, then can you shoot over my face”.

Santa chuckled. “It's been ages since I've done any anal. I'd love to”.

Santa moved onto his knees whilst Speedy moved into position in front of him. She bend forward so that her head was on the bed. She made sure her pert curvy arse was pointed in the air. Additionally she put her hands behind each cheek and pulled slightly, knowing that this would open her arse.

Santa could not believe his face with the vision in front of him. Here was Speedy spread for him.

“Santa, can you spit a little on my arse bud honey, I'll need a little help at first”.

He did as asked - applying a little natural moisture to he arse bud.

Moving slowly towards her he moved his cock into position. Speedy helped by guiding his cock towards here anus. Slowly they made contact. Santa could feel her tight anal sphincter touching the tip of his helmet.

“Please be gentle Santa, it really hurts to start with”.

“I will be extra gentle” he replied.

Slowly his rigid cock slipped slowly into Speedy's tight arse. Looking down he could see it slowly disappearing inside Speedy.

He could sense her pushing against his slow thrusting. Slowly at first, then a little quicker as he got deeper inside.

“I really love this when I am in the right mood. Trust me I'm in the right mood” she said.

“Feels wonderful. Good for you?”.

“Awesome” said Santa.

As with the earlier fuck, they'd established a natural rhythm. Speedy, as before had managed to get a hand through her legs and onto his balls.

“Santa baby, I think you're really close to shooting?”

“Speedy, yes getting close to the no going back moment” he grunted.

“OK. Time to shoot over my face then hun”.

Santa pulled his cock out of her arse, and reached down, slowly stroking his cock.

Speedy had moved around so that now her face was opposite and slightly lower than his cock.

“I'm ready Santa baby, let me have all you've got.”

“Right here” she said opening her mouth and pushing out her tongue.

She watched eagerly as Santa stroked his cock back and forth. After a few seconds wanking she saw his cock start to twitch, saw his glans tighten and then saw the first warm dollop of cum was jetted towards her face. It hit her face just at the top of her nose.

Santa knew that once he'd got to the no holding back place that the stuff could go anywhere.

The second jet signalled itself with another cock twitch, less vigorously than the first. The second dollop of warm cum landed half on her nose and half on her cheek.

The first load had already started to trickle down her mouth, and coalesced with the second load.

Another twitch of Santa’s cock, another shot landed on her lips.

Speedy tipped her face down, encouraging the cum towards her open mouth.

She saw Santa's cock quiver again as another smaller load arced it's way towards her face. This time catching her on her hair.

The cum rolled down her cheek towards her mouth, rolled over her red lips and into her awaiting mouth.

With a final grunt Santa's cock twitched yet again. Speedy watched in wonderment as another jet of creamy spunk went over her head and landed full square on the red duvet. Puddling there and gently soaking into the material.

Slightly distracted by this she resumed collected the cum on her tongue, pooling it up. Opening her mouth she showed Santa the cum pool on her tongue.

“Awesome honey, truly awesome” he said.

“It was, wasn't it Santa” she said.

Now, Speedy I must think about getting back on my rounds. There are lots more special presents to deliver before dawn breaks.

“Wow, more special presents to deliver personally. You must have amazing stamina Santa!” Speedy chuckled.

“Speedy some presents, like yours, are a little more special than others”. He guffawed.

“If they were all like yours I'd have no cock left!”. He chortled.

“Does it feel well used honey?” she asked him.

“Like never before hun. Well used”. He smirked.

He reached for his discarded clothes, put his trousers on with the braces, his big red coat, and finally his big boots. Adding his hat he was ready to depart.

“See you next Christmas Speedy” Santa said as he moved towards the open chimney.

He blew a kiss towards Speedy, she blew one back. Immediately she felt really sleepy. Speedy tucked herself back in and gently dozed off to a contented deep sleep.

When she awoke she wondered if what had happened during the night was a very vivid, very real dream. Sucking Santa Claus' cock and then being fucked in the pussy and the arse by him. It just had to be a dream didn't it. Everyone knows that Santa Claus doesn't exist, it's a story made up by adults for kids at Christmas. Let alone sucking his cock being fucked by him. Must have been a dream?

But reader, imagine yourself back at Speedy's bedroom window early the morning after the night before. If you looked very closely at deep red duvet you can still see a sticky spunky stain. The wide contented grin evident on smiling Speedy's face along with the warm feeling in her pussy and arse would also tell you that she knew it was not a dream.