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Now Lick Me clean.

The tops of her inner thighs were so soft and smooth on his tongue and the sensation was in stark contrast to the comparable roughness of her sheer black stockings and thigh-high, steel stiletto-heeled black leather boots that he had already tasted on his oral journey from her feet up to what he could sense was a gorgeous shaven haven.

He wanted to lick her moisture immediately, but knew that she deserved his increasing frustration and hoped that he would be further rewarded in return. Her natural fragrance was agonizingly sweet and the scent of leather from her boots and topless corset blended perfectly to maintain his pulsating erection.

He yearned to hold his own cock to satisfy the eagerness to be touched there, but with his wrists cuffed at his sides and chain-restrained behind him, it was impossible for him to fulfil his needs himself and was reminded as a result that he had to be patient.

She pushed him from his kneeled position onto his back with ease and he lay on the latex-covered foam mat covering the floor dressed in just a leather blindfold and chain cuff restraints to his wrists and ankles. She straddled his chest so that her firm, rounded buttocks were facing away from his wanting cock, knowing that the teasing was intensifying his need to be satisfied - it was she that was to be satisfied first and she knew that he had to come second.

"Lick!" she demanded after she had pulled apart her ass cheeks for him to access her asshole with his tongue, which he delighted in doing so. "Oooooh, lick my ass.... lick it.... yeah" she sighed as she squirmed slightly under the immediate pleasure of having her ring and crack licked wet by his eager tongue.

She tasted so good. His senses of taste and smell, heightened by the removal of sight and touch with the blindfold and restraints, were electrifying his cock into a constant hot buzz and he felt pre-cum dew ooze involuntarily from his raging pole as he licked and sucked her back-passage with increasing fervour.

He could not see why she stopped him from his oral work by lifting up off his face just enough to render his tongue incapable of reaching her. "Open your mouth." she ordered quietly but firmly as she did so.

He was caught slightly be surprise then by her warm, salty waste gushing unannounced over his face at first and then directly into his mouth. "Mmmm, swallow me" she moaned relieving herself down his mouth, the excess piss and love juices running over and down his cheeks as he attempted to loyally take in every drop.

"Now lick me clean." she wanted. This was what he had been waiting for the most, so far that evening, and his piss-covered face was rewarded with the closeness of her shaven pussy. He licked tenderly at her open flaps and she steered her huge, swollen clit to his searching tongue to prevent any unnecessary further teasing. "Good boy. Lick me and be a good boy....uh..." she managed to exclaim as a wave of euphoria built up in her from her knees to her midriff which immediately engulfed her entire body and resulted in her shuddering to an orgasm on his totally wet and sticky, blindfolded face. Even the gripping of his thighs with her long, scarlet red manicured nails could not contain the euphoric sensation and stifled squeals of delight.

"F- u - u u - ck." she whispered as her climax ebbed to bring her back to normality, her long, dark hair brushing his bare lower abdomen and neglected erection.

He could feel her warm breath as she panted and regained control of the situation over his cock. Ever closer and then he was inside her mouth, her rolling tongue action, slurping and sucking very gently and quietly at his length. He moaned as her mouth juices ran down his shaft, lubricating her no-handed oral technique to allow his frustration to slide over her red-gloss lips even more easily and deeper into her throat as a result.

Then she stopped. He could hear her moving, but could not see what was happening. Had he been able to, he would have seen her squat into position over his waist, only her heeled feet touching the floor and no part of her body touching his. She gripped his orally-wetted, long, thick cock and lowered herself towards it, nuzzling his purple head to the most comfortable access point of her orally readied asshole. She continued to hold him in position as she very slowly lowered herself onto him, stopping to take in the fullness and to allow her muscles to relax before allowing him further into her anally under her full-control. He could feel nothing except the gorgeous warmth of her tight passage on the one part of his body that needed to be touched the most.

She started to fuck him very gently and slowly but rhythmically and taking in the full length of him up to his balls, ensuring that the rhythm she set was from the very hilt of his cock, to as high up as she could, without losing him out of her ass and back down. She further lubricated his rod with a couple of mouthfuls of saliva from her mouth from which she scooped with her four fingers on her right hand and smoothed over and around both him and her hole and crack, as her left hand gently pulled her left butt cheek clear of the action. Her fuck speed increased slightly as her hand completed the lube action there to allow her to start rubbing her now buzzing clit, as her cock-filled ass greatly magnified the sensation achieved and she masturbated almost selfishly over the sight of his shaft now pistoning up deep inside her.

He could only hear and feel her as she used him to his delight. Her ass felt so good and tight on his cock, it was as if it was capable of sucking every last drop out of him. She was increasing her speed and yet still the only parts of their bodies in contact were his cock and her ass. It felt so good to get fucked like this, almost involuntarily, that it was impossible to know who was gaining the most pleasure from it. He could hear her occasionally moan and he hoped that she was going to cum before he did, but then he wasn't sure if she cared too much for anything more than his seed deep inside her and he was torn between trying to withhold faithfully and ironically being selfish and giving her what he wanted there and then. As it was, there was no time to choose.

She was fucking him at full-speed and at full-length now, her fingers rubbing over her clit to ensure that she could not slow down, even if she wanted to. Her gaping, soppy flaps were covered in love-juice, piss and his and her saliva and formed the perfect lubricant between her fingers and clit. Her asshole was readily stretched and taking him entirely and she could see her ass juices on his shaft if she did not. She was about to cum again and hoped that he would cum with her as she did, as he had not done so already and she was very grateful for that. "I'm cumming!" she squealed as she bucked deep onto his cock and vigorously rubbed her clit with four fingers "Oh! I'm cumming so much...!" and she squirted pussy-juice deep from inside herself, all over his stomach and hips. "Fuck! Fuck! FFFF-ffffff-uuuu-ccck!" she exhaled.
It was too much for him and he could wait no more. As she came, her anal muscles contracted and relaxed many times and randomly over the length of her orgasm, around his fucked tool. His balls tightened as her ass squeezed and sucked at his shaft.

"Ah!" he shouted "Oh! Fuck! Me!" And he came. Thick streams of wads of cum sucked out of his length as she slid down, seemingly replaced by another copious amount as she pulled up, to be again sucked out of him as she again slid down. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuck!" he exclaimed as he finished off inside her ass, no more spunk to give her.