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As Graham looked down he could see Rita’s tight firm arse with his hands on each warm buttock. Looking lower he could just see the black seamed Havana-heeled nylons. God he loved to fuck Rita when she was wearing those. His eyes strayed back to her curvy arse where a thin wispy black and red suspender belt was holding those glorious seams upright.

Gary was across the bed - camera in hand focusing on the action. As he took pictures the two of them they could see the flash go off. He gripped Rita’s arse and recommenced his gently rocking - feeling his erect cock slip and slide within her wet warm pussy. Pulling out he could feel her grip is cock as it slid out. He’d stop with the tip of his glans just inside her

Looking down he could just see his cock, wet with her pussy juice.
"Hold it - great shot," said Gary. The flash went off a couple of times.
Tightening his hands on her arse, pushing his hands underneath the suspender belt he thrust his erection back deep within her juicy pussy. Rita gasped with pleasure. His push combined with Rita’s movement back towards him made his thighs impact her arse with a joyous thwack. He felt his ball sac brush and touch the top of her thighs.
Graham couldn’t see, but Gary had moved around so that he was low down, looking up between Graham’s legs towards Rita’s pussy. He wanted pictures of Graham’s stiff cock inside Rita’s pussy. Focusing he shot off a couple of pictures.
Graham’s right hand strayed from her luscious arse and moved towards her crutch. Leaning slightly forward his hand moved across it.
Rita giggled as he did so. She could feel his warm fingers as they moved across her shaven crutch. She could feel his fingers move across here "Fuck Me" tattoo
"You looking for something hun?" she said.
"You know exactly what I am looking for Rita, hun. I’m searching for your clit bar".
"Mmmmm - thought you were hun".
He wanted to feel the big ball on the end of here clit stud - whist his cock was deep inside her pussy. He could feel he was getting closer to his goal.
As well as feeling his way towards her stud he and Rita kept up their slow, sloppy, slippery fucking. Pulling out with Rita moving away from him. Pushing in with Rita moving towards him.
His fingers inched towards the stud.
"You’re getting close hun!" she said.
He didn’t need to be told twice. Reaching lower as they fucked his finger brushed her stud. He got the briefest sensation of a metal ball on his finger. They both felt a tingle of electricity shoot through them. Graham felt his cock twitch.
Rita moved a hand back through her legs at this. Slowly she moved it towards his cock. Rita was intent of feeling him as he felt her. She wanted to have her fingers around the base of Graham’s cock and his balls as he fingered her clit stud.
He felt her hands as they moved towards him.
"What are you doing hum?" he asked, chuckling.
"Got to feel your cock and balls" she giggled.
Gary had moved from behind and below and was now behind Graham. He wanted to get pictures of Rita’s fingers around Graham’s cock. The contrast between the red nails and the pink skin would look great.
Graham could sense her fingers close in on his cock. As her red nailed fingers made contact with his cock he stiffened, feeling his cock twitch again.
Gary shot more pictures.
"Graham lean a little more back on the out - want to get more of your cock and Rita’s juicy pussy in frame".
Looking down on the outstroke he could see her glorious red painted nails as they wrapped around his erection. Rita kept a grip on his cock, but let one finger move towards his balls. Reaching out the finger slowly moved along his balls.
"Mmmmmmmmmm, love that"….
The slight scratching of his balls combined with the gentle, but firm grip on his cock had caused Graham to up the rhythm. As he push and pulled, whilst fingering her stud, Rita pushed pulled his cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy.
He gripped the ball on the end of the stud, and tried to pull it gentle as he thrust in and out.
Gary took photos as they moved in and out.
Their rhythm, the mutual fuckmotion quickened all by itself. They groped and fondled as it did. They could hear the sound of the fucking - slippery sounds occasionally punctuated by the slapping of warm aroused flesh.
Graham felt himself getting close to the point of no return.
Gary was clicking away and had also sensed that it was shooting time son.
"When you’re getting close Graham, don’t forget to pull out. Rita I need you to move round and get ready to take Graham’s load in your mouth. And remember to face towards the lights!"
They both grunted. The thrusting continued a pace. In, out, in and out. The room was permeated with the musky smell or raw sex.
"Rita, you close hun? I am very, very close." Graham said.
"Me too hun" Rita said smiling in anticipation of the facial she was about to receive.
Next to sucking and draining cocks she liked nothing more than to receive a load of fresh warm spunk on her face. Watching the twitching cock as it pulsed warm dollops of warm ejaculate towards her face. Opening her mouth in anticipation. Feeling the warm salty spunk dribble down her face, across her nose, over her lips and into her awaiting mouth.
"Let’s do it!" said Graham.
"OK hun, I’m ready".
He pulled out of Rita, noticing his glistening stiff cock. He positioned himself towards the light and the expectant photographer.
Rita moved around, on hands and knees, slowly approaching Graham’s erect cock. As she came near her mouth was on a level with his erection. She smiled at the cameraman, who grinned and shot off a couple of pictures.
Graham could feel her warm breath as she moved closer to him. The flash illuminated them several times.
Her hand reached out towards his cock, gripping the base tightly. Graham could see those divine red nails. She guided Graham into her mouth.
He could feel her warm lips on his cock. She sucked him in to her mouth, almost inhaling him.
Gary took photo after photo…
Graham was close, very close and the intense licking and sucking from Rita was having the inevitable effect on him. Rita knew, she could feel his balls start to tighten, could feel them rise up and down. She just knew.
She also knew what Gary wanted to film, so she withdrew Graham’s cock from her mouth - placing it just outside her red lip lips. Opening them to a slight pout she smiled at the cameraman. The flash went off in succession.
"Wonderful pose" said Gary.
Graham was holding his cum as best he could. Rita started to wank his cock off. The flash went off.
"Get ready hun" he groaned.
Gary framed the two of them.
Rita slowly continued wanking Graham, feeling the spunk rise from deep within his balls. She opened her mouth in anticipation.
Graham leant back slightly and arched his back. He was beyond the point of no return. He could feel his spunk rising, knew it was time to shoot.
Rita took his cock and pointed it towards her face aiming above her mouth.
She felt the first rush of warm spunk jet along his cock, saw his glans tighten and then saw a slight twitch and the first warm dollop of cum was jetted towards her face.
Gary set off a chain of pictures trying to capture the cum in mid-flight and when it hit Rita’s face.
It hit her face just at the top of her nose. Her face was lit by the flashlight.
The second jet signalled itself with another cock twitch, less vigorously than the first. The second dollop of warm cum landed half on her nose and half on her cheek.
The camera got the shot.
The first load had already started to trickle down her mouth, and coalesced with the second load.
Another twitch of Graham’s cock, another much smaller shot landed on her lips.
Rita smiled at the camera, and tipped her face down, encouraging the cum towards her open mouth.
Gary took pictures as it made it’s way down her face.
The cum rolled down her cheek towards her mouth, rolled over her red lips.
"Keep it there," said Gary as he took pictures.
"OK - let it drip into your mouth".
Rita did as asked and savoured the taste as the warm spunk dripped into her mouth. God she adored the taste of cum.
She collected the cum on her tongue, pooling it up. Opening her mouth she showed Gary the cum pool on her tongue.
He zoomed in framing just her face with her tongue in the centre of the picture. The flash went off too many times to count.