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A Lasting Relationship

Here I sit hugging a Killian Red and trying to ignore the hot cougars at the end of the bar. I've been a government project officer far too long. There was a time when I'd have bought them a round of those toxic concoctions and worked my way into bed with one or even both. The tall slim one with the enhancements would have been the mark but I'd end up with the shorter gal with the bigger tits. Wide hips and big tits! They are the best. Yea but an old fart on his last trip ain't gon-na get into either of these gals. There look-in for young cock, arm candy for the evening and a quick fuck for a night cap.

….If I wasn't waiting on the Lieutenant (my replacement) I'd already be propped up in the corner of some tittie bar where money talks - not age. The bar maid's eyes drifted toward the door and so followed the cougars. It was the Lieutenant. I guess we can go get dinner now.

Timmy boy popped up on the stool beside me like a kid in an ice cream parlor. Dam those gals! You'd think this West Point wonder kid with the "tight and high" hair cut had fourteen inches hanging out. The tall one (the one with the fake tits) was dulling. He didn't even give her a glance. I winked at Big Tits and she looked back down at her drink. Well even if she wasn't interested she still got the nudge from her friend. Now if I can wake up the West Point wonder.
"LT", as I interrupted my greeting nod "I think the gals are ready for another round".

"Fuck the old hags. I'm hungry", he blurted.

"Why can't we get a sandwich and fries here?" I asked sill hoping for a shot at Big Tits in the see through blouse and red bustier.

"God Jim, that bitch is old enough to be my mother. And what are going to do with about Pudgy?" He sarcastically questioned.

"That old gal has been a round the block LT and she's the best fuck you've ever had. You just buy a round and let Big Tits to me", I scolded.

LT bought the round and we moved in. With a little persuasion Big Tits came over with her tall friend. Big Tits climbed up on my right and the tall one sporting some fancy pull-ups took the LT's left.

I began the introductions, "Hi, I'm Jim (Jim Beam) and this is Tim".

With a nod to the LT's left, Big Tits replied "That's Heather and I'm Trisha."

Trisha wasn't enthused at all. I figure hitting on a guy some twenty years her senior wasn't the game she was anticipating but she was willing to play along to see if Mary could score with Timmy boy. So far the bar maid (in tips) was the only one making out.

I broke the ice, "Do you gals come here often?"

Heather looked to Trisha for the answer. "Na we just thought we would hang out for a while", Trisha answered for her. The bar maid exposed her lie with a raised brow.

"So you gals come in here to pickup young studs like Tim?" I replied sarcastically then continued. "So how's it working out for ya?"

Trisha smiled for the first time since I got there and jumped right in on top of Heather's rebuttal, "We hit on a couple young studs Saturday night!"

Trisha brought her lips to my ear and blurted, "Young and full of cum!"

As I slipped my hand all the way up and grabbed her couch I slurped my counter in her ear, "And how long did he last - Thirty seconds? Did he get you off?"

That's when I found her jewelry! Even though Heather didn't here the question she watched me make the probe so I looked to her for the answer. There she sat gazing at my crouch as if my bulge had suddenly got bigger. Just like every woman I meet she and Trisha think they found a big cock. Little do they know that I'm all balls!
"Can we move over to a table where it's a little more private?" Trisha enquired of the bar maid who was just a little too close to their action.

Trisha and I moved toward the corner table but the LT and Heather were headed to the elevator. "Sorry Heather, the West Point wonder won't last long enough to get your panties off and he don't eat pussy!" I whispered to Trisha.
"She don't have any on. We go commando in here!" as she bent over and showed me two dangling silver pendants hanging from a mound of shaved pussy. Then she turned and looked me right in the eye. She didn't have to ask!
"Me? I like wide hips and big tits. I eat pussy! And, at my age I last forever!
"Now I'm glad I shaved the brier patch?" she countered.

"The jewelry?" I continued as I gave Trisha's dangling attachments a gentle tug. Trisha sat right down on my hand. With one hand full of sticky gold, Trisha pushed the other to her tits. She had my pants open in seconds. Grasping for my cock she came up with a hand full of my right ball. On the second dive she got the other ball.

"My God you're all balls!" she screamed so loud the bar maid heard her. A little red in the face she took another dive, this time, taking a firm grasp on it. "Now just how long did you say you can last?" Trisha enquired.
"Long enough, but don't you think we should head toward one of our rooms?" I enquired

"I can't believe I'm gon-na do this!" she said as she pulled her blouse closed, took me by the hand and shuffled me out the door. She had my cock back out before the elevator doors opened. If I'd known the bustier was Velcro and wasn't laced I'd have had it off too. For that I waited until she was laid out on the bed.

I had to take my shoes off and she finished me off by pulling my pants and shorts off together. Hell she didn't wait for anything! She climbed on top rammed my cock up her soaking wet pussy and began banging those silver anvils on my balls. She was nearly exhausted when she came so hard she collapsed on top of me.

I gave her a little time before I rolled her over and pulled out. There is nothing so beautiful as a women with tits so big they run off into her arm pits and legs so thick they must be spread wide to get to the goody. I draped her legs off the bed and took the dive. In minutes she was cumming again!

She clamped my head between her thighs and held me in her pussy until I had lapped up every drop then begged me to fuck her again. She rolled up on her side grasp her knees and exposed her pussy. I curled in behind her, grabbed a tit in my left hand and slipped my throbbing cock up her pussy. Her pussy closed on my cock and her convulsions took over.

I don't recall ramming her even once. We lay there bound together as one her pussy pumping slowly and methodically to the rhythm of each and every SiriusXM 50's hit. I never did cum! It just leaked into her for hours. When the alarm clock interrupted I still had a hand full of tit and we were pasted together with our cum.
I rolled onto my back and slammed the off switch. When I open my eyes to see what was rocking the bed I was looking into a dripping pussy. Further down between her legs was a pair of swaying tits. I was hard instantly and the blow job that followed only took but one 50's tune, "Let there be drums" by Sandy Nelson. My cum shot out like a volcano eruption.