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Road Trip.

Remember the last time I was in the car with you and we're taking a little road trip. I have you scoot over a little so I reach over and put my hand between your legs. I slowly move it up your inner thigh and touch your pussy through your jeans. I can feel it's hot and moist. I tell you to unzip your pants so I can reach my hand inside. What I find is a dripping wet pussy and a clit so hard. I work my fingers downward and stick one inside of you working it in and out over and over again while you grind against my hand. I pull the wet finger out and run it up to your clit.

Not wanting me to get us in a wreck you pull my hand away and tell me to knock it off, that we can wait until I find a secluded spot to fuck. But I'm finding it very hard to wait so you unzip your pants again, pull them down with your panty's resting mid thigh. You spread your legs wide open for me; you slide your fingers in to your pussy still very juicy, and your clit swollen. One hand has a finger inserted, with the other you are teasing your clit I'm watching you... my cock is so hard it's tight inside my pants and I have to release it.

I pull it out, it's hard and beautiful it looks as though if it got much harder it will explode. While I'm watching you I stroke it. You love watching me hold my hard cock in my hand, which only makes you get hotter, and hotter to the point of Cumming, but you hold off.

Finally I see a turn in the road, which leads us down a dusty road ending at a grove of trees just off the hwy. I get out, come to your side opening the door ordering you to "get out" you pull your pants up just enough to get out without tripping. Then I tell you to strip, and wanting so badly to please me you do as you're told.

Standing in front of me naked, I tell you to get on your knees and suck my cock. Punishing you for being such a tease, I fuck your face hard and fierce, you gag a little bit making your eyes water. But you love the way my cock feels in your mouth and the forceful way I am fucking it. With mascara dripping down your cheeks and your mouth open as wide as it will go, I thrust in and out of your mouth. Your hands resting on my hips, each time I pull out you pull me toward you. My cock is dripping wet, taking one hand away from my hip you stroke it fast as you suck and lick. You feel I'm about to cum, so you slow down allowing you to make love to my cock with your mouth instead of fucking it. You take my cock in your hand look up at me wan tingly, while you slowly lick from the base of the shaft to the head. When your tongue reaches the head you swirl it slowly around and under the head. Kissing and licking it. You love sucking my cock because you know how much it pleases me.

Finally I can stand it no more and pull you to your feet. With one hand on the back of your neck I tug your head back licking and sucking on your neck. I stop and look in to your eyes, and then kiss you softly, when I pull away, you climb up on to the car and spread your legs open. Dipping one finger in to your pussy, it's dripping wet. You put the same finger in your mouth tasting your juices.

I want to taste you too, I slide one finger inside you, and together we fuck your pussy with our fingers. We both pull our fingers out, I insert your finger in my mouth and I put my finger in your mouth as we both suck your juices off our fingers.

You can't stand it anymore and beg me for my cock. Your legs spread, displaying your wet pussy; I slide my cock inside of you but just enough to tease you with the swollen head. I do this to you several times, and then drive my cock as hard and deep as it will go and then slowly pull it out. You feel so good deep inside. You just want me to fuck you hard but I continue teasing you slowly. Suddenly I catch you by surprise by picking up the pace, it feel so good to be fucked hard, but at the same time the way I alternate slow and fast it's like a combination of making love and fucking.

We both are at the point of climax, I can feel your pussy tighten around my cock, you can't hold off any longer. You get quiet for about 30 seconds, just watching me thrust my beautiful cock in and out of you, then the silence breaks and you start to cum, screaming and moaning... the sound of your pleasure always makes you go over the edge.

I start to cum, half of it inside of you the other half on your pussy, then I pull out and take my phone out of my pocket and take a picture of my cum dripping down your pussy to your ass.

We like to take a photo of my cum, that's what we do. We have photos of my cum dripping down your ass after I've fucked your ass, we have pictures of it dripping off the tip of your tongue, between your tits, in your hand, and your favourite is Cumming in your mouth and then I take my cock and run it around your lips as though you were using it as lip gloss.

You taste so good.