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Surf Babe Speedy

I could not believe the shop had booked a 5 o'clock beginners surf lesson for one person only. A woman walked down the car park towards me. I had seen her the day before on the beach. She had caught my eye as I was walking a group for a lesson to the sea. I think she was catching a lot of eyes in her red polka dot bikini. She was bathing on her front as I walked by. She had undone her bikini top to tan the whole of her back. The bikini was lying under her ample breasts. As I walked past she raised herself onto her elbows to expose a full cleavage. I took a long lingering look and was sure she saw me before I quickly looked away.

"Hi I'm Trisha, I'm here for the 5 o'clock session"

"Great", and I meant it for once. I guess she was in her late forties, with brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes, a pretty face and a cheeky smile. She was wearing some tight denim shorts and a loose fitting white tee-shirt with string strap which allowed a great view of her fabulous breast.

"Right lets get you sorted with a wetsuit". The wetsuit was going to be a challenge, because while the top half of Trisha was at least a D cups her bottom half we quite petite. She had slim legs and narrow hips.
"I think a medium small should do the job" It would do the job but would be a tight fit; however I often made sure sexy women had a tight fitting wetsuit. I handed her the wetsuit and she made her way backup the car park to put the wetsuit on.

Five minutes later she returned with the wetsuit on.
"Can you help with the zip please, it is a bit tight".

"No problem". She turned round and I pulled the zip up. I was surprised to see a tattoo of a bee or wasp on her back, not the run of the mill for a middle-aged woman. She was becoming more and more interesting.

"Shall we grab a couple of boards and head down the beach?" She took the front of the two boards and stood between while I was at the back. I got a great view of her pert arse. The tight wetsuit was doing its best to pull her buttocks apart.

Once on the beach we covered off the basic and headed for the water. She started by sliding onto the board as the wave came along, however she fell off the first two efforts. I offered to hold the board while she got on the board. She seemed keen, so I held the board however on her first effort she slid straight off as she got on, however she made a grab for me as she fell off and grabbed at my arse. She didn't look abashed at all!

We eventually mastered Trisha lying on the board and progressed to her getting on hands and knees. I again held the board. As she set off I had a great view of Trisha on her all fours. My imagination ran wild imagining what she would look like naked in that position. I suggested we now try to get her up on her feet but she had had enough by this time, so we headed for the car park.

She went off to remove her wetsuit. Just as I finished removing my wetsuit Trisha returned.
"Can I have some assistance please?" Trisha asked with a sheepish smile

"Sure". I noticed she even managed to have her nipples showing through a thick wetsuit, no mean achievement. I went behind her to pull down the zip but returned to the front to pull the wetsuit from her. I initially pulled it off her shoulders and over her breasts. What a sight when the breast were released. The red bikini polka dot barely containing them, but the nipples were amazing. Not so much Peanuts as Cashew Nuts.

"It is cold when getting out!" I exclaimed. I said the words before I realized what I was saying.

Trisha gave a cute giggle and said, "I do show the cold don't I!"

I continued to pull the wetsuit down over her stomach. She didn't have a flat stomach, but neither was it fat. It had a beautiful curve from the base of her breast to the top of her legs. The sort of stomach that invites laying your head while licking those long nipples. I suggested Trisha sit on the side of my VW Camper van to remove her wetsuit from her bottom half.

"You are such as stereotype - surfer, vw camper van, tanned, athletic and cute!" I smiled back at her and crouched down to pull the wetsuit. As it came down off her panties it revealed the most amazing camel toe. This is often a welcome by product of a tight wetsuit. I got a great view crouched down, however what I saw next even took me aback. Trisha released the camel toe, by running a finger down the side of her bikini bottoms, but in the process pushed the bikini over to the left, giving me a perfect view of her pussy. By this point there was a stirring in my shorts. I pulled the wetsuit the remaining way off and she dried herself with a towel. I continued to admire her as she did.

"Is that the bus to Padley?" She enquired.

"Yes, but I have finished for the day so I can give you a lift"

"That would be perfect!"

She put on her tee shirt but left off her shorts before getting in to the van. I got in and belted up, taking to opportunity to look at her legs. She had great calves and shapely hips.

On the drive back Trisha asked about watching dolphins that she heard in the hotel were about. I told her the best place to see was off Royal Head.

"Can we go there?"

"Yes, sure but it is quite late to spot them. Not sure many people try at this time."

"Worth a try"

So I turned onto the road to royal head. As predicted it was deserted. We both got out and looked over the cliff for a couple of minutes. I showed her the most likely spot to see them. As we returned to the van, Trisha didn't get in the passenger door but open the sliding rear door and got into the van." Shall we work on my surfing position?" With this she proceeded to kneel on all fours on the bed that was permanently left up in the back of the van. I got the most glorious sight of her bikini-clad arse. Did she really want surfing lessons? Well I wasn't in the mood for teaching with that arse exposed.

I got in the van and gently stroked her wonderful buttocks. They had the most wonderful shape, almost right angled at the top.

"Well I see surfing is out of the window, I hoped you might have other ideas!" giggled Trisha. With that I pulled her bikini bottoms to one side to expose the most gorgeous pussy. It was completely shaven with big bulbous lips. I gently slid my finger down the edge of the lips exposing the slightest glimpse of the pink flesh below. I then pushed two fingers in slightly further running then down the outside of her inner lips to where they joined the outer lips. She quivered slightly. She obviously liked her pussy being played with and I was really enjoying my self. I already had a massive erection in my shorts, but that could wait for now. I sensed its time would come.

I continued to finger her wet cunt but with my other hand I undid the bows on the side of her bikini bottoms, which fell off easily. I removed my fingers and quickly moved my Tongue into action. Kneeling down I licked the length of her lips pushing deeper and deeper. She quivered again. In rolled my Tongue and pushed it into her cunt as far as possible. I noticed her perfect ass hole, slightly gray around the edge; I moved my finger to it and applied a small amount of pressure to open the hole slightly. Trisha let out a small yelp. I think I had taken her unawares. But she did not stop me. I continued licking her pussy and fingering her arse until she warned me that she was too close to Cumming.

With that she span round and pulled off my shirt and stroked my chest. She then pulled me onto the bed. Before I knew what had happened I was lying naked on the bed with Trisha teasing the end of my cock with her tongue and her fingers caressing my balls. She knew how to drive a man wild. Her tongue seemed to dance over the length of my rock hard dick. I pulled her tee shirt over her head to see those tits in that polka dot bikini. Suddenly she had deep throated the entire length of my cock. Her head bobbed up and down as I gave out an ecstatic sigh. She was taking the cock so deep she gagged a couple of times. Just as suddenly she took my dick out of her mouth and exclaimed "I need this cock now!"

With that she slid up onto me and guided my cock into her dripping pussy. She gingerly eased down on my cock. There was that wonderful sensation of skin against pussy wall. Her pussy took after her bottom half being nicely petite and tight. Each time she eased down a bit further. She then gave one last push and my cock was deep inside her. I pushed into her as she bounced round on my dick. I kept a straight action because I could feel her moving to get my dick to hit the right spots.
She began to groan with pleasure "Your cock is so hard it is easy to position as a vibrator"

I grabbed the back of her bikini and pulled the bow to release her tits. They were the most spectacular breast I had ever seen. Big and round with the most amazing nipples. Rock hard and appearing to be almost an inch long. I cupped her breast in my hands and pushed them together. They were made for tit fucking. This woman was made for sex. I pulled her down so I could attack the nipples with my tongue. I teased them and them sucked them. "Harder" Trisha demanded. I sucked them as hard as I could.

My right hand wandered over her arse and I quickly found the hole. I gently stroked from her pussy to her arse hole. This was obviously too much for her as she helped "Oh yes, make me cum" with that she bounced even more violently on my cock and let out shrieks of delight.

I was so close to coming myself. But as her shrieks subsided she slowed her bouncing.
"Please don't stop I am so close".
"Sorry, I was just enjoying that wonderful orgasm." With that she started to slide slowly up and down the full length of my cock. She seemed to change her movement, no longer trying to hit her right spots but concentrating on making it as good for me as possible. It only took a minute of this for me to deposit a full load into her dripping pussy. She gently slid my cock out and lay on top of me. Her breast felt wonderful against my chest. I could feel her juices and my cum easing from her pussy.
We lay there for a minute until I heard the distant noise of an engine.
"I think we have company." We both jumped up and got clothes on just in time.

"On to Padley?"
"No, I need to pick up the car from the beach"
"I thought you were getting the bus"

"No I just fancied a ride," she said with a dirty laugh

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