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It was early afternoon in May in an English seaside town. They, the three of them were lying on an exquisitely ornate upholstered bed. The shuttered room was bathed in warm sunshine. They'd been lucky with their choice of rendezvous.

Nothing unusual to the casual observer, perhaps. But, if the casual observer had looked around the room a tad more he would have seen that all three were butt naked. Excepting maybe Speedy who had a pair of black hold up stockings on. God, she knew exactly how to dress to impress…

The room oozed an atmosphere of sultry pleasure. It was late in the afternoon, the mellow three some were taking their ease. Relaxing, chilling with each other. Relaxing, but waiting, expecting…

They'd lunched earlier in the day, a pre-arranged meeting. Lunch had been their first face to face meeting. They'd connected on the net.
After lunch, they'd gone back to Speedy's room for a photo session. And what a session it had turned out to be.

He thought about the Randy Rita photo session. Rita was dressed in a red, revealing PVC dress, thigh-high lace up red high-heeled boots and red lobster net hold up stockings.
Towards the latter part of this session Randy Rita had wanted some oral pleasure with Gary. He'd put down his camera and joined her on the bed. Graham moved around the bed trying to find the best position to watch the action and also to take pictures of the two of them.

Gary moved into position on the bed so that his crutch was close to her head. Rita reached her hand towards Gary's cock. Graham took a couple of pictures. Her red nailed fingers wrapped around his stiffening cock.

Graham took another couple of pictures. Slowly she pulled on it pulling his foreskin back to reveal his swollen purple glans. Rita moved her head forward ever so slightly and sucked his cock into her awaiting mouth. Three more pictures were taken.

Graham looked at Gary; he was loving Rita's lip service. Graham zoomed in on Rita's face as she slowly pulled Gary's cock too and fro, slowly wanking him off in her mouth. Graham took a series of pictures as Rita licked the tip of Gary's cock; Graham could see her red lips and tongue as she paid especial attention to this. He got a shot of her trying to push the tip of her tongue down Gary's pee hole. Gary moaned with pleasure with this. God was she horny…

The intense fellatio had got both Gary and Graham aroused. Gary asked Rita to get on all fours so that he could mount her from behind. Rita was ripe and ready for a fucking. Graham moved to the down the bed, trying to get into a position where he could see Rita's arse, Gary's cock and then get some pictures as his cock slipped in and out of her juicy pussy. It wasn't working, he could see Rita's tight curvy arse, and could also see Gary's cock, but the picture of Gary fucking Rita wasn't there. Graham took a couple of pictures to confirm this.

"Gary - could you lean back a bit so as I can try to snap your cock as you fuck Rita?".
Gary obliged, Graham shot, but it wasn't good enough.
"Climb on top of the mini-bar. You'll get a great view from up there".
Graham did as instructed, climbing somewhat gingerly on top of the bedside mini-bar. Wobbling slightly as he straightened up he wondered what would happen if the owner of the hotel happened to walk into the room unannounced. Gary was cock-deep in Randy Rita and he was stark naked balancing on the mini-bar trying to take pictures of the copulating two-some.

Casting that thought out of his mind he focused on the job in hand. Looking down and leaning forward slightly he got an awesome view of Gary and Rita. He could see her tight curvy arse and, most importantly Gary's stiff cock as it pumped in and out of Rita's juicy pussy. He reeled off shot after shot. Zooming in he could see Gary's cock on the out stoke glistening with Rita's pussy cream. Zoom, click, click.
Rita was moaning with pleasure as she pushed her face into the large pillow. Gary leant back slightly and Graham took half a dozen pictures of Gary's cock and her curvy arse.
"Time for a change of position" she asked Gary. "You on top of me honey".
They moved. Rita turned over onto her back. Graham moved slightly to keep them in frame, tottering slightly.

Gary positioned himself, as Rita moved her hands down towards her crutch. Graham snapped of a couple of pictures. The contrast of her nails against her soft pink skin was very dramatic. Rita's hands rested on her pussy. Her fingers sought out her labia. Graham zoomed in to catch the deep red nails and her red swollen pussy lips. Click, click. God they looked good! Rita pulled lightly on her labia and Graham saw her fanny lips open and he could see her prominent clitoral stud and the hint of her hole.

Gary moved towards Rita, she reached forward grabbing his erection and pulling him towards her open pussy with it. He moaned slightly, and leant forward. Graham readjusted the zoom on his camera capturing Rita's deep red nails around Gary's cock. More pictures as she gently, but firmly pulled Gary's cock closer towards her juicy honey pot.
Gary felt the tip of his erect cock slip into Rita's warm welcoming pussy. She rippled with pleasure and wriggled a little settling herself onto it. Gary started to move his hips as his erection slipped in and out of Rita. Graham captured the pictures - making sure he had pictures of Gary full in and full out of Rita. The full out picture looked awesome, he could see Rita's lips open, her stud, and Gary's cock sticky with her juices.

Rita was starting to writhe and moan with Gary's slow thrusting. Graham took pictures of Rita's face as the passion of the situation grabbed her very soul. God she was enjoying this. Enjoying the fucking and enjoying being watched with her man.
Gary's rhythm and Rita's started to increase. Graham could see Garry's arse start to move faster as he pumped his stiff cock into Rita. Graham snapped these.
Rita moved her red booted legs around Gary's buttocks and pulled him into her when he thrust.

Graham waned to get some closer pictures of this - especially those boots in action. He jumped down from the mini-bar and positioned himself behind Gary. He framed Gary's arse as it pumped in and out. He could see Gary's ball sack slapping against Rita's arse. Snap. Leaning down lower he could see Gary's cock pushing in and out of Rita. More pictures.

Rita was moving quicker and quicker with each thrust and was getting louder, overcome with lust. Graham took pictures of her face, radiant with lust.
"Fuck me deep with your big fat cock babe"…
Gary thrust deeper to that request. Graham could see Rita's body move back in response to his thrust. They were moving in unison, deep long strokes. Her red high heels were clasped around Gary's back.

"Rita, babe, I'm close. On all fours and I'll shoot over your arse"…
Rita moved quickly sensing this, positioned herself on all fours. She leant forward, put her face deep into the white pillow, arched her back slightly and made sure her tight curvy arse was sticking up. She moved her hands through her legs and spread her cheeks so that both Gary and Graham got to see her freshly fucked spread pink pussy and her arse bud too. She saw the flash light go many times as Graham took pictures.
Gary had taken his erect in hand, stroking it. He moved his cock closer to Rita, stroking it as he did so.

"Ready hun, here it comes"…
His stroking increased as he pulled back and forth. Graham clicked away. Rita tensed herself, ready to receive the warm salty sperm on her back. Gary continued his stroking feeling himself approach the no going back position.
He started to moan; Graham saw Gary's cock started to twitch. He'd put the camera on to multiple shot mode. As it started twitching he'd started taking pictures. Gary's cock seemed to bobble, and out came the first dollop of warm cum. It left his cock and almost in slow motion it squirted from the tip of his knob, landing on Rita's arse a few inches above her arse bud.

"Mmmmm babe - love it" she said.
Gary's cock twitched a second and a third time, each twitch followed by a jet of spunk. The three patches of spunk started to mix together and slowly the combined dollop of cum worked its way down Rita's crack.
Gary moved his hands down slightly on Rita's arse helping to hold her open for the pictures. God that's an awesome picture thought Graham - taking a series of shots.
Rita slowly exhaled feeling a warm tingling sensation course through her body. She was on a roll. "Gary, move over hun, time for the cameraman to join in"…