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Just Wearing Black Panties

I arrived home early today from work to find you were standing out the back on the decking doing some ironing just wearing your black panties you hadn't heard me come in so I stood there a few moments just admiring your voluptuous body you had some music playing and you were swaying as you listened and ironed.

I slowly walk towards you my eyes transfixed on your gorgeous bum they were moving from side to side as you swayed until I was right behind you I reached forward and gently cupped your left buttock

You flinch and look around "I never heard you come in Dave you'll give me heart attack doing that" you said ........ What about the heart attack you nearly gave me coming home and finding a voluptuous semi naked girl on my decking I thought! ...........

So I went up stairs for a shower and to cool down I pulled of my shorts and t shirt and walked in the wet room and just stood there with the shower on full feeling the jets of water caress and relax my body then I felt a pair of erect nipples sticking in my back and a hand come around and take hold of my flaccid cock gently stroking and caressing it I look around and you say I fancied a shower as well and we kiss.

I turn the water of and grab the shower gel and I soap your body all over cupping your breasts in my hands as I massage the suds in your nipples are so erect now baby I gently tug them with my thumb and index finger you are still stroking my now swelling cock and you squeeze it a little tighter just to let me know your in charge I reach down with a handful of suds and run my hand up and down the cheeks of your gorgeous bum with my fingers exploring the crack of your ass circling your anus and gently pushing one in as you grip my cock even tighter leaving my finger inside you I reach down with my other hand and wash your beautiful soft pussy parting your lips with my fingers and gently opening you ready for what is inevitably going to happen.

You then turn on the water and we rinse each other of I look in your eyes and we kiss "god you turn me on baby" I say we dry each other down and then I take your hand and lead back down stairs and out onto the decking I lean you over the ironing board with your legs apart a little kneel down and start to rim your gorgeous ass gently pushing my tongue in to open and stretch you pulling both your cheeks open with my hands so I can reach in further you moan a little and push towards me eager for more so I run my fingers along your pussy opening the lips mmm you are very wet with my index finger in between your lips I trap them with my thumb one side and middle finger the other side and gently tug on them to stretch them and making them swell up you begin to moan loader and loader so I reach out and grab a cucumber and slowly push it in your bum watching your ass stretch around it as I push it in slowly a few inches at a time and then back out you cry out "oh god yes baby " as I begin to push it in further and further twisting it around as I do.

I let go of your pussy lips lean forward and start to run my tongue up and down the length of your pussy nibbling your swollen lips as I do the love juice is oozing out of you now baby I pump faster with the cucumber and suck both your lips in my mouth trapping them there with my tongue against the roof of my mouth and pulling back to tug on them ....... then you cry out something unrecognisable your thighs shake vibrantly and then you cum darling squirting your hot watery juice in my mouth and down my chest two big squirts and a little dribble at the end I pull the cucumber out your bum and you collapse on the floor we kiss exchanging the re-manes of your cum into your mouth and then you lay on your back panting trying to catch your breath so I climb between your legs and rest my hard cock on your swollen pussy lips you look at me and say "yeah fuck me Dave" and I look at you the tip of my cock just pushing into you swollen pussy and say "not until you ask me properly" and you say "make love to me Dave" and with one slow long pump I push my self all the way inside you and you moan "ooooh yes baby " I begin to pump in and out you lift your knees up as I pump faster and faster your arms around my neck as we kiss our tongues fighting for control as we gasp for air as I pump harder and harder "oh baby I'm going to cum again" you say and I feel you squirt on my belly and thighs as you cry out "oh yes oh yes "

I pull out and kneel across your stomach pushing your gorgeous breasts together either side of my throbbing cock and then after 3 or 4 long pumps in between I cum squirting my thick seed all across your face and into your open mouth squirting more with each pump until my balls are empty ......... I fall down next to and we both lay there panting and smiling and I look into your big eyes and say fancy a shower?

The Squirtmaker