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Irresistible Black Lacy Panties

I Can almost hear the sound of the shingle as I pull up and park on the drive of your cottage, as I climb out of my truck the air is filled with the aroma of freshly frying bacon I take in a deep breath hmm delicious I think to my self.

I walk through the arch of red roses at the side and around the back i glance in the window and see you the other side of the kitchen your hands are in the washing up bowl and you are just wearing a pair of black lacy panties and a string top i stand there a couple of minutes admiring you thinking just how lucky i am to have such a gorgeous girl as you, your listening to the radio and gyrating your hips to the music as i watch you transfixed on your bum i can feel my cock start to awaken and swell.

I open the door and walk in with out you hearing me make my way over to you and kiss your left shoulder you flinch and turn around "oh darling i never heard you" you say "your bacon's ready i was just going to get dressed" Ive got a better idea with that i turn the gas off take hold of your hand and lean you over the rustic kitchen table "oh Dave aren't you hungry" you ask i am but i only wanna eat you and with that i push you face down on the table take hold of your buttocks and then open them and begin licking your tight ass you moan out and take in a loud gasp of air and i force my tongue inside opening your ass ready for my now hard cock i lean forward and push the tip in gradually it sinks in deeper and deeper you scream out "yes please yes oh take me baby " and then i push right in you lift your head up your eye's wide open and you scream out "arghhhhhhhh" i gather your hair up into a pony tail and hold it in my right hand puling it back to hold your head up as i pump my cock in and out of your gorgeous ass you pant and wine on every stroke ......................

I pull out and turn you over so your laying on your back and push my cock straight into your juicy wet pussy my cock tingles and burns slightly as your juices attack it
i put you legs over my shoulders and push in deep you close your eyes and grown in time with my in strokes .............

you open your eye's and say "cum inside me Dave i want to feel your cum inside me" and with that i push in deep and squirt all my hot creamy love juice into you.

I take you by the hand and lead you out into the back garden where i lay you on your back on the grass your laid out like a x with your wrists and ankles fixed down with tent pegs ................ i walk back inside the kitchen grab my bacon sandwiches and a glass of milk and sit in the hot tub admiring your sexly body thinking of the things I'm going to do to you when i have had a wrest ............... "can you let me go now i need to go and pee" you cry out i put my sandwich down and climb out the hot-tub walk over to you kneel down and kiss you exploring every inch of your mouth with my tongue hmmm i love kissing you i pull back and say no if you need to pee you pee here ! and i climb back in the hot-tub and finish my breakfast after about another 20 minutes you say "i really need to go now" so i get out and kneel between your legs slide three fingers in your pussy and circle your clit with my thumb and say "now you can pee"as i slide my fourth finger inside your pussy pushing in and out flicking your swollen clit with my thumb you say "no don't make me do this"and i say your mine you do as i say as a little trickles out that's it baby let it out as i fold my thumb into the palm of my hand and slowly push my whole hand into your pussy i watch your pussy lips stretch around my wrist as you release your pee and squirt it up my arm i pump my fist in and out brushing your 'G' spot with the side of my hand until you cum washing your pee of my arm with your cum, I pull my hand out untie your arms and legs and take you by the hand and climb back in the hot-tub and you sit on my lap.

The Squirtmaker