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My New Life as a Slut - Part Three

The next morning after the party you and your husband discuss the previous night’s events.  You both agree it was fun and would do it again when you have the chance.  Your husband said he loved watching you being fucked.  You decide to set up boundaries for the future.  You both agree you would like to start meeting other couples.   You decide to see how far your husband will go with this.

“What about meeting people on our own?” you ask him.
“Well I did say I loved seeing you fucked by other men so yes have my permission to meet people alone but only if you tell me about it first” he replies.

Your husband admits he would love to see you take two or more men on at once while he watches.  The thought of that immediately gets your pussy wet.  You try to be just as accommodating and tell him you would love to see him with two women but are really thinking about how much new cock you can get.  You both take the decision to find a good website and put an advert up looking for couples and singles.   Looking through the websites together is good fun.  After a while you find a good one and sign up for it.  It is called adult friend finder.  You decide on an advert that simply says
“Couple look for fun with other couples and singles.  We are new to the scene so slightly nervous.  The first meeting is to be in a pub or something similar to see how we all get on. No hardened swingers please.  We are NOT into watersports, pain, scat, bestiality or paedophilia ”.   You decide on this photo to place with your advert.  It is not too revealing but still shows how sexy you are and shows your sexy legs off.
“Well I guess we just wait and see what happens now” your husband laughs.
Looking at all the swinger’s website has got you horny.  When you reach down and feel your husband’s cock you know it has done the same to him as well.   You turn the PC off and lead your husband upstairs to bed.   While you are fucking your husband you can’t help but think about all the new cocks you are going to have.  You husband notices your mind seems elsewhere.  He interrupts your thoughts when he says laughing
“You slut you are thinking about getting fucked by other men aren’t you?”
You try and pretend you wasn’t but you are not fooling him one bit. 
“Come on you dirty slut admit to me you was thinking about other cock I don’t mind.  I saw how much you enjoyed yourself last night slut” he says.
“Oh ok I was” you laugh.
This seems to turn your husband on even more and he fucks your pussy deeper and harder.  Once he is near to cumming he pulls out of your pussy.
“Right you dirty slut get your mouth open” he says to you.
He then gets up and offers you his cock which you readily accept.
You suck him off until he comes all down your throat.  He is so turned on by the thought of watching you being fucked by other men he comes a lot more than normal.
You decide to tease him.
“Mmmmmm that tasted nice honey and you gave me so much more than normal.  I guess thinking of me being fucked my other men really does turn you on.  Don’t worry I will make your wish come true” you laugh.
“Mmmmmm I can’t wait” he replies.
You then spend the next couple of hours in bed.  All the time you are thinking about all the new cock and pussy you are going to be having. 
Later on in the afternoon Jane rings you.  She asked you if you enjoyed last night.  You thank her and tell her that you both really enjoyed it. 
“Maybe we can be the host next time” you tell her. 
Jane tells you that she is sorry but she is ringing to say goodbye.  She tells you her mum is really ill and has been for some time.   Sadly she seems to be getting worse.  She tells you that Tony and her have decided to move house to be nearer to her Mum.  They are leaving that evening.  At first they are going to move in with her mum until the house is sold.  You are surprised at the suddenness but wish her well and tell her you will miss her. 
“Not only are I am going to miss you but I will miss your parties” you think to yourself.
You really enjoyed Jane’s party and loved having many cocks to play with.   When you tell your husband about Jane he seems unfazed.  You are beginning to feel your husband is not into swinging as much as you are.  He seems to be more interested in watching you being fucked.   You suspicions are confirmed a bit more when he later says
“I can’t wait to see you being fucked again honey”
Your husband also doesn’t seem that interested in meeting couples or at least he doesn’t mention it as much as he does watching you being fucked.  You don’t mind that one bit.  You realise after last night that you love being treated like a slut and you love having new cock.  A new side to you has opened up after last night. 
The next morning you kiss your husband and he sets off for work.  As soon as he has gone you excitedly log onto the Internet.  To your surprise you already have 20 replies.  However all of them seem to be from single men.  As you read the replies you realise why a lot of adverts from couples state no single men wanted.  All the replies are one line replies with things like “Hi my name is Steve fancy a fuck? or “Hi may name is Terry I would love to fuck you call me on 0798487391”.  Naturally the replies you have got so far do nothing for you and you just delete them without replying.   Feeling a bit disappointed you decide to have a bit of fun.  The swinger’s website you have joined has a webcam section.  You switch your webcam on and soon have a lot of men watching you.   Showing yourself has really got you turned on.  You leave teasing the men watching you.
The more you tease the men watching you the more turned on you become.  It doesn’t take long before you start fingering your wet pussy.
As you finger your pussy you are wishing you had a nice cock to play with.  You reach into you drawer and make do with a vibrator.   You now have 341 people watching you on your webcam.  You are interrupted from your cam session when the doorbell rings.   
“Who the hell is this?” you think to yourself.  
You have no time to get your knickers on or get changed so you just pull you skirt down.  When you open the door  a man is standing there with a vacuum cleaner.  He is obviously trying to sell you one.  You notice how he gives your sexy outfit the once over.  Feeling a bit naughty you decide to ask him in.  You take him into the living room and he begins with his sales patter.   You ask him if he would like a cup of coffee or tea before he begins his demonstration. 
“OK coffee with milk and two sugars please” he replies.
You return with two coffees and sit opposite him.  Once you sit down he starts with his sales patter.  However after your cam session you are still feeling horny.  The new slut that you have become is thinking about how good his cock would be inside you.   Sadly you remember your agreement with your husband and that you can only fuck other men if you tell him first. 
“Oh well he didn’t say anything about teasing men” you think to yourself.
As you chat you start letting your skirt ride higher and open your legs.  The poor salesman is struggling to keep his eyes looking at your face.  Every so often he sneaks a look at your bare pussy.  You notice his cock getting hard.
“Shame to waste a hard cock” you think to yourself. 
Then a thought enters your head.  If you ring your husband now and ask him if you can fuck the salesman then you are telling him in advance.  You excuse yourself and phone your husband’s mobile to ask his permission.  He complains that he won’t be able to watch.   Another thought enters your head
“You will be able to watch me honey” you tell him.
“How?” he replies.
You tell him that he has his own office and PC so he can log onto adult friend finder and watch you on that.  You tell him you will put the bedroom PC on and take the salesman up to bed.   Your husband quickly agrees and tells you to be quick.  You end the call and go upstairs to set the cam up.  You switch the PC monitor off so the salesman will not notice your PC is on or that he is live on the Internet.    When you get back downstairs the salesman carries on with his patter.   He goes to give a demonstration of how it works.  As he bends over to switch the vacuum cleaner on you stand over him.  When he looks up he can see directly up your skirt and see your wet pussy.  The salesman can take no more of your teasing and puts his head up your skirt.  His mouth immediately goes to your pussy. 
“No not here come upstairs to my bed it will be more comfortable” you tell him.  
When you both get upstairs you realise you have no way of checking if your husband can see you on your webcam.  However you are more interested in getting cock than worrying about him.  The new slut you have become no longer cares if anybody can recognise your face on the web cam.  The salesman is undressed in seconds.  He has an average sized cock not a 10 incher like in porn films or the erotic stories you read on swinger’s websites.  Despite it being average size it is nice and hard and ready for action.  You get undressed and join him on bed. 
“I think you should carry on with what you started downstairs” you tell him.
Quick as flash the salesman is back licking your pussy.  You lie there enjoying his oral skills.  You wonder how many people are watching the web cam and if your husband is one of them.  The salesman is surprisingly good at giving you oral and it does not take you long before you cum.  You go to suck him off.  He moves you into a 69 position so he can carry on licking your pussy.
“Mmmmm fine with me lover boy” you think to yourself.
His expert tongue has you really hot and you are soon gagging for cock. You get a condom out of the drawer, get on your hands and knees and say to him
“Right get the condom on and fuck me from behind.  I want you to fuck me good and hard”
The salesman cannot believe his luck in fucking such a sexy woman.  It was only about 20 minutes ago when he was trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner and now he is fucking you.  The salesman gets the condom and enters you from behind.   He not only has a good tongue but he knows how to fuck as well.  He listened to you well and is fucking you nice and hard just as you asked him to.  As he fucks your pussy you reach up and play with your clit. He manages to last a good 10 minutes before he announces he is about to cum. 
“Pull out and shoot all over my face” you tell him.
He pulls out, whips the condom off and starts masturbating over your face.  He doesn’t last much longer and shoots his hot cum all over you.   Once he has cum he tells you that he will have to go.  You thank him for the fuck and tell him you don’t want a new vacuum cleaner.  Once he has dressed you see him to the door.  When he has gone your mobile phone rings
“You fucking dirty slut” your husband shouts.
“I take it you could see me ok then?” you laugh.
“Oh yes slut I loved it.  I happily masturbated myself while watching you” he replies. 
He tells you he will be home about 5:30 PM and ends the call. You go upstairs and switch the PC off.  You get on the bed and think about what has just happened.  As you reminisce you fall asleep on the bed.  You are woken up about 5:35 by your husband.  He is standing there naked with a hard cock. 
“Suck me off slut” he tells you.
“Mmm yes please” you reply.
You husband is so turned on from watching you earlier you have the best sex you have had in years.   You know as he is fucking you he is picturing you being fucked by other men so you start doing the same. You wonder where your next new cock is going to come from.  After you finish fucking your husband he tells you how much he loved watching you and that you can do it again anytime so long as you let him watch on cam.  You both get up and log on the Internet on the bedroom PC to see what replies you have had to your swingers advert on adult friend finder.  Again you have had lots of stupid one line replies from single men but his time you also have two replies from couples.  Sadly both couples live miles away you reply back but just to say no thanks.   Still feeling horny you switch your web cam on and tell your husband you want him to fuck you again while people watch. He is unsure but as soon as you have his cock in your mouth you he gives up his inhibitions.  You have 674 people watching you and your husband fuck.  Knowing so many people are watching is really turning you on.  After another hour of fucking you switch the PC off and order a Chinese meal each from the take away.  As you eat the meal your husband tells you how much he enjoyed watching you fuck the salesman and how hard he cum.  He tells you he wants you to do it as often as you like so long as he can watch the web cam.
“Mmmmm fine by me” you think to yourself. 
You keeping on checking the replies to your adult friend finder advert but nothing of interest ever comes in.  About 10 days later you get a reply from a suitable couple. When your husband comes home you show him the reply.  He agrees that they look and sound an ok couple and tells you to reply to them.     Over the next few days you swap e-mails and set up a meeting at a pub you both know.  Although you have agreed the first meeting between yourselves will be sex free you are still feeling excited.  On the day of your meet you put on a sexy little black number.  You have arranged to meet at 8 PM.  You and your husband arrive at 7:45 and nervously wait.  By 8:45 they have still not arrived and you realise they have stood you up.  Feeling pissed off you head for home.   When you e-mail the couple they ignore your e-mails.  A couple of weeks later another couple does the same to you.  You are beginning to wonder if it is all a waste of time and you will never find anybody to meet.  You have now had about 250 e-mails from single men and not one decent reply.  The replies from 99% of the couples are from couples live too far away from you.    One day you log on the Internet to check your replies you finally get a decent reply from a single man.  It is from a 35 year old man named Stewart.  He compliments you on your photos and tells you how sexy you are.  He goes on to describe in great detail what he would like to do to you.  Reading what he would like to do to you turns you on.  As you read his e-mail you imagine doing what he is describing happening for real.  You hit the reply button and tell him if he can do all he describes in the e-mail you would love to get to know him better and maybe meet him.   A day later he replies with his telephone number and asks you to call him.  Nervously you dial the number.  He answers and soon puts you at ease. He seems a good guy and has you laughing and joking with him.  You arrange a meeting later on in the week.  
When your husband comes home you tell him that you have arranged to meet somebody.
“If you are good boy I will let you watch on the webcam” you tell him.
“I can’t wait” he replies.
On the day of the meet you are feeling very excited.  You decide not to waste time getting dressed.  You log onto the internet and switch your web camera on.   You phone your husband to confirm he can see you on the cam.  Once he confirms he can you switch the PC monitor off.  You lie in your bed imagining what fun you are going to have.  About 9.55 the doorbell goes.  You open the door and let Stewart in.  He looks in amazement at your sexy naked body.  He knew he was coming to fuck you but never expected this.  
You give him a quick kiss and tell him to follow you upstairs.  You lie on the bed watching him undress.  He has a nice 7 inch cock that is quite fat.  He joins you on bed and starts kissing you.  He tells you how beautiful and sexy you are and how much he wants to make love to you.  You are not interested in love making you have your husband for that.  You have more than enough love from your husband.  You are now a slut you want to meet men for a good fuck not to find love.   Stewart treats you very tenderly and kisses you all over your body.  So far he has not made a move for your pussy.  You grab his hand and place it by your pussy.  He takes the hint and starts to finger your wet pussy.  Stewart carries on telling you how sexy you are.   You realise if things are going to happen you will have to take charge.  You push him on his back sit on his face and tell him to lick your pussy.
“That’s it make me cum” you tell him.
He is not as good as licking you as the salesman but is still able to make you cum.  Once he has made you cum you slide down his body, put a condom on him and ride his cock.  His thick cock feels nice and tight in your pussy.  As you ride his cock he pulls you down so he can kiss you.  You quickly get bored of that and shove a breast in his mouth.   It doesn’t take much longer before his fat cock makes you cum.  As you orgasm you feel Stewart cumming also.  You both lie there catching your breath.  Stewart starts kissing you tenderly again and telling you how beautiful you are.  While this is nice you know this is not what you are seeking. You are a slut and wanted to be treated like one.   He would be quite happy just kissing you but with you taking the lead Stewart does all he said he would do to you in the e-mail.   You get on your knees and ask him to fuck you from behind.  However his cock is till soft so you suck him back to hardness.  With you oral skills this does not take long.  As he fucks you he tells you again how sexy you are.  You want him to tell him how much of a slut you are and how much you want his cock.  You ignore his lovey dovey comments and just enjoy him fucking you.  As he has already cum once he manages to last a long time before cumming. He manages to give you another two orgasms before he cums.  When he has finished he notices your vibrator on the side of the bed. He looks at you nervously and says
“Will you show me how you play with yourself?”.
“OK sit back and watch no touching and keep quiet”
You lie there thrusting the vibrator in and out of your wet pussy.  Stewart looks on enthralled.  You tell him to put his cock on your mouth.  As he gently fucks your mouth he continues to watch you play with yourself.  You grab his hand again and place it by your pussy.   Stewart gently massages your pierced clit as you carry on fucking yourself.   Not wanting to waste his hard cock you stop fucking yourself.   You get up and lean over your dresser table.
“Come and fuck me Stewart” you say to him.
As Stewart fucks you from behind you can see yourselves in the dresser mirror.  You look at your breasts swing to and fro.
“Play with my clit as you fuck me” you beg him.
He follows you instructions well and soon has fingers rubbing your clit.  This drives you wild and you soon have another orgasm.  You need a rest and ask Stewart to stop but he surprises you when he says
“Fuck you slut you are going nowhere until I cum”
His sudden sternness surprises and pleases you.
He stops playing with your clit and starts banging you fast and hard.  You are so wet and cum is dribbling all down your legs.   He is fucking you so good you keep on cumming and cumming.  You are not sure how much longer your legs will last and you are begging him to stop.  Luckily Stewart is not far off cumming.  As he cums you have another massive orgasm.  He pulls out of you and you stagger over to the bed and collapse on it.  After bit of kissing cuddling you get back to fucking again.  With Stewarts new found confidence he fucks you in all manner of positions.  He even fucks you up the arse.  When he has finished you feel exhausted but happy.  Stewart thanks you for a wonderful morning but says he has to go.  You look at the clock and it is 1 PM. You have been fucking for 4 hours.  Stewart asks you if he can see you again. 
“Maybe” you laugh.
While you enjoyed Stewart fucking you it felt like he was trying to make love to you.  Although you have told him maybe you know you are not going to see him again.  You want somebody who will treat you like the slut you are.  Once Stewart has gone you phone your husband up to ask if he enjoyed the web cam show.
“Well slut you fucked for 4 hours so I never saw all of it.  I do have work to do” he laughs.
“But did you enjoy what you saw?” you ask him.
“I will show you how much I enjoyed it when I get home.  I cum twice masturbating watching you” he replies.
When your husband gets home he picks you up in his arms and takes you to bed.  He fucks you like a man possessed.  You know he is imagining you being fucked by another cock or cocks.  You are now certain he really enjoys watching you being fucked.  You are having the best sex together you have had in years. 
You think to yourself “Mmmmm I could get used to this. A good fuck with a strange cock in the morning or afternoon and a good fuck off hubby when he gets home”.  
As you fuck together you can’t help but think about where your next new cock will come from.