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My New Life as a Slut - Part Two

When you wake up the next morning you and your husband lie in bed and discuss last night’s party invite.  You again both agree to go but if either of you wants to leave you will do so.   As you lie there your mind wanders and you wonder what Saturday night will be like. It seems your husband is doing the same.
“I wonder if they all throw keys in a bowl” laughs your husband

You don’t care how it happens you just want new cock and maybe some pussy.
“Better keep practising before we go the main event.  We don’t want to show ourselves up” you tell your husband.
You husband doesn’t realise what you mean until you grab his cock.

“Oh I will practice on you all week” he says
All this thinking and talking about next Saturday has got you both very horny. You husband starts kissing down your body and licking your sweet pussy.  You lie there thinking about how many new cocks you are going to take next week. You tell your husband to bring his cock up so you can suck him off.  Your husband’s tongue feels wonderful. 
Your husband stops what he is doing and says “God you soaking.  You little slut”
He then returns to pleasuring you with his tongue.  Once he has made you cum with his tongue you get on all fours and ask him to fuck you from behind.  You ask him to fuck you good and hard.
“That’s it honey fuck my slutty cunt” you tell him.
As he is fucking you all you can think about is getting new cock next Saturday.  You hope your husband does not want to pull out at the last minute. 
As he fucks you your husband starts teasing you
“Tell me how much you want another man’s cock you filthy slut” he says.
“Oh so much.  Now shut up and fuck me like the slut I am” you reply.
You reach under yourself and start frigging your clit as your husband fucks you.  As you are both feeling very horny it doesn’t take long before you both cum.
As soon as your husband has cum he jumps up out of bed.
“Where are you going?  I want more” you tell him.
“Sorry honey I am going golfing with Stevie” he replies.
With that he is out the bedroom door and heading for the shower.  You are still feeling very horny so you reach into the bedroom drawer and get one of your vibrators out. 
Who needs him you laugh to yourself.  As you play with yourself your mind is still thinking about next Saturday night. You are picturing all the various scenarios that might happen.  The more you think about Saturday the more turned on you become.  You are imagining the vibrator is another man’s cock. All this playing with yourself has made your bed is soaking wet.
You are still very horny and need more fun.  Your mobile rings and interrupts you.  When you answer it is Jane calling to invite you for a coffee next Wednesday morning.  You thank her for last night and tell her you both had a wonderful evening.
“Next Saturday will be even better” she laughs.  
You are dying to tell Jane that you are sitting naked with cum dribbling all down you but wonder if you have got things wrong and next Saturday is not a sex party.  As you are not 100% sure if next Saturday is a sex party you decide against mentioning your horny naked state.   You have a quick chat with Jane and tell her you will see her Wednesday.
Your vibrator session has left you wanting more fun.   You log onto the Internet and start reading swingers websites.  You join the more interesting free ones.  On one particular site you notice a link for webcams.  You wonder what is all about.  Once you click the link you quickly find out.  There are hundreds of single women, single men and couples showing themselves live on their webcam.  Some are just people chatting but some are people having sex live.  You click on one link and a woman is getting spit roasted.  You can hear the 2 men telling her what a filthy slut she is. 
“Luck bitch” you think to yourself.
As you watch a third man appears.    
“Ok guys let’s make this whore water tight”
They rearrange positions so the woman has a cock in all three holes.  As you watch the show you grab your vibrator and start pleasuring yourself again.  All of a sudden a message pops up on your screen
“Hi there you like to play or just watch?”
“What do you mean?” you type back.
“You know do you play on cam or just like being a voyeur lol”
“Mmmmm depends who is asking lol”
They guy you was beginning to chat with just disappears without warning.  However his questioning of whether you show or not has got you thinking.  You feel too nervous to show all of yourself but think “I can make sure my face is not shown then I could be anybody”.  You arrange your webcam so you can only be seen from the neck down.  You have a quick search of the webcams and find a nice looking couple from the USA fucking.  You put your webcam back on and start playing with yourself as you watch the couple fucking. 
It doesn’t take long before you have a lot of male viewers watching your webcam.  You keep on seeing instant messages from the various guys watching you saying things like “Hi want to chat?”, “Look at the cheap whore pleasuring herself”, “Hi honey A/S/L?”, “Watch me wank my big cock on cam Babe”, “That’s it slut show me how you fuck yourself” “Hi sexy” etc.  The messages calling you names like cheap whore, slut etc are really turning you on and they all seem to be coming from the same person.   The cheeky bastard even starts trying to direct you with his messages “Squeeze your nipples slut”, “come on you fucking whore ram the vibrator harder in and out”,  Show me what a slut you really are”.  His cheeky instant messages are really turning you and you start to go along with his game.  He quickly notices you have started doing everything he asks you to do.  “show me how you suck cock.  Take you vibrator out and suck you juices off it”.  You take out the vibrator and suddenly realise it will mean having to show your face.  You are so turned on you no longer care.  You get up adjust your webcam and start slowly licking up and down your vibrator.  A new message appears from him “That’s a good girl. Show me you cock sucking skills”.  Out of the corner of your eye you notice how late it now is.  Without warning and much too the disappointment of the people watching you on cam you quickly switch it off.  You get up and head off to the shower.   As you shower you think about how much you enjoyed your webcam session and decide that you will definitely be doing that again. 
During the next week you always have Saturday night at the back of your mind.  Every time you think about Saturday night you get goose bumps and your pussy gets wet.  Your husband doesn’t mention Saturday night at all.  He is probably playing it cool and hoping you don’t want to pull out. He doesn’t realise there is now way you are going to ask to him pull out and go home.  Every time you and your husband fuck during the week you are thinking about Saturday night.  For you Saturday night could not come sooner.
Thursday morning comes around and you start getting ready.   You are still not sure if Jane has been eyeing you up or not.  “Well time to find out” you think to yourself.  You have a quick look in your wardrobe. You pull out your shortest skirt and a top the reveals your breasts to perfection.   You decide against wearing underwear. Once you are ready you head over to Jane’s house.  Jane opens the door dressed in only a bathrobe. 
“Sorry I have only just got out of the shower” she says  
“Don’t worry you look ok to me” you reply.
Jane gives you the once over, laughs and cheekily says “And you look more than good enough to me”.
Jane invites you in and starts making the coffee.  You start making the usual chit chat.  As you chat you wonder whether to mention Saturday night.  You decide to leave it up to Jane to be the first to mention it.  Once the coffee is made Jane joins you at the table.  You notice her bathrobe is pretty open and you catch a glimpse of her breasts.  Jane notices you looking and this makes you blush.  However Jane just smiles and says nothing.  You notice just how sexy Jane really is.  You nipples start getting hard and your pussy is getting wet.  “Maybe I should have worn underwear” you think to yourself.
After you have finished the coffee Jane announces she needs to finish getting ready.    
“You might as well join me in my bedroom.  I am sure I haven’t got anything you haven’t seen before” she laughs.
You both head upstairs.   As you enter the bedroom you notice a vibrator and a pair of handcuffs on the bed.  Jane pretends to be shocked and says she forgot about them.
“Oh don’t mind me I am an adult” you reply.
“That’s why I had a late shower.  Tony had a late start this morning and I love having sex when I wake up” she says.
With that Jane lets the bathrobe fall to the floor revealing her full naked body.  She bends over to pick up something off the floor.  This gives you a perfect view of her shaved pussy.  You are in no doubt she is teasing you.  She comes over to you and sits next to you on the bed.   You sit chatting while Jane brushes her hair.  Having this sexy naked women next you is really turning you on.  You keep on stealing glances at her naked body.
“You can have a feel as well as look” laughs Jane.
“God I am so sorry” you reply.
Jane stops brushing her hair and turns and faces you.  She looks at you sexily and leans forward to kiss you.  Your pussy is so wet you just close your eyes and lean towards her.  She starts of kissing you tenderly but your kiss soon into a full blown snog.  As you kiss Jane she starts touching you up.  She starts feeling up and down your legs. You open them up wider for easier access.  Jane’s is soon feeling your naked wet pussy.
“Mmmmmmmmmm I like sluts who don’t wear underwear” she laughs.
As you carry on kissing Jane is slowly undressing you.  You pussy is soaking wet and you can’t wait to have her tongue on your pussy.  Once you are undressed Jane does not disappoint you and heads straight for your pussy.  She tenderly licks away at your pussy paying special attention to your clit.  You push her deeper into you.  You warn Jane you are about to cum.  She rams 2 fingers up your pussy and concentrates on your clit with her tongue.  You soon gush all over her mouth and fingers.  Jane stands up and pushes you onto the bed. 
“Your turn now” she says.
Jane straddles herself over your face and plants her pussy on your face.   You have never done this before but from the moans and talk from Jane you are obviously getting it right.
“Oh that’s it.  Make me cum slut.  I knew you are a slut the moment I meet you.” Jane says.
Jane does not warn you she is about to cum and all suddenly you feel her grasp you tight with her legs and taste her cum dribbling down your throat.  Jane gets up and lies next to you on the bed.  You both lie their tenderly kissing and exploring each other bodies with your hands. Jane is so good at this she has obviously done this many times before.  Jane stops kissing you and looks directly at you.
“I love deflowering a virgin”.  She says
“I am not virgin” you laugh.
“You are with women” she laughs back.
This makes you blush and you ask her how she knew. 
“Oh you just know” she laughs.
“Right slut Get on your and knees so I can fuck you” she shouts at you.  Jane gets up and opens her dresser drawer
You are slowly beginning to realise you absolutely love being abused and treated like a slut.  A new side to you is beginning to open up.
Jane grabs a strap on dick from the drawer.    
You are on your hands and knees waiting on anticipation.  Jane starts off by teasing your pussy.  You are so desperate for cock even if it is only a plastic one
“Come on Jane fuck me.  Treat me like whore” you shout.
Jane stops teasing you and rams the strap on cock up your pussy.  Your pussy is soaking wet and cum is dribbling all down your legs.  As Jane fucks you hard she expertly plays with your clit.
“God your soaking wet you little slut.  I think the guys are going to enjoy fucking you on Saturday night you cheap whore” she laughs.
That comment leaves you in no doubt as to what Saturday night is about.
For the next 2 hours you and Jane kiss, lick, touch and fuck each other.   You have lost count of the number of orgasms she has given you.  After you have finished Jane invites you to have shower with her.  In the shower you slowly was each other clean.  After showering and getting ready Jane asks you to have one last coffee.
“So are you going to tell your husband about this?” ask Jane.
“No no I think I will wait.  It will be a surprise for him on Saturday” you laugh.
“You do understand Saturday is a sexy party?” asks Jane.
“Oh yes we both understand and I for one can’t wait” you reply.
“Well as I said in bed I always knew you are a slut” she laughs.
You thank Jane for a lovely morning and head off home.  Knowing for certain Saturday is a sex party really has you turned on.  It is soon dominating your thoughts.  Over dinner you mention to your husband Jane has pre-warned you that Saturday is a sex party.   You fail to mention your sex session with Jane.
“Well I am still up for it if you are” says your husband.
“Yes if you want” you reply.
You are trying not to appear too eager but secretly thinking you can’t wait.  For you Saturday could not come sooner.
Saturday arrives and you are deciding what to wear.  You decide on wearing your kinky black boots, a short black skirt to show off your sexy legs and a blouse that shows of your cleavage.
When you husband sees you he comments on how sexy you look.  You grab a bottle of wine from the fridge and both head over to Jane house.  Jane opens the door invites you in.  All the other couples have already arrived.  Jane has put nibbles and drinks out.  She offers you both a drink and starts introducing you to everyone.  As you go from couple to couple you notice them eyeing you up.  Both men and women are giving you the eye.  Your pussy starts getting wet and you are praying your husband does not want to pull out.   For the first hour or so everybody just mingles and chats.  You are getting impatient and dying for things to start. 
“Ok time for some fun.  Who wants to start?” shouts Tony.
Jane grabs your hand and whispers in your ear “Let’s show your husband the new side of you”.
She kisses you tenderly on the lips and you both start slowly undressing each other.   Your husband cannot believe his eyes.  He has always fantasised about seeing you with another woman and now it is actually happening. 
One you are both undressed you lay on a set of cushions that have thoughtfully been placed in the middle of the floor.  You lie on the floor with your legs open waiting for Jane to join you.
All the couples sit and watch you and Jane pleasure each other.  It doesn’t take long before things really take off.  A couple of woman join Jane.  They each take a breast to their mouth while Jane has her head between your legs expertly licking you out. You turn your head and see a woman kneeling between your husband’s legs.  She is obviously sucking him off.  You catch each other eyes and just smile.  “No way he is going to say stop now” you think to yourself. 
All three women move away from you.
“The slut is wet enough.  She is all yours now lads” laughs Jane.
You are quickly joined by two men.  They get you to get on your knees.  One offers you his cock to suck which you greedily accept. As you start sucking him off his friend fucks you from behind.
“Oh my god my first spit roast” you think to yourself.
The two guys expertly fuck your mouth and cunt.  Every so often they swap ends.
“Jane was right she is a slut” laughs one of the men. 
“Oh I am definitely a slut now” you think to yourself.
You are enjoying every minute of it.  The guy you are sucking off shoots his load down your throat.  You don’t normally swallow but you are so turned on you don’t care.  His mate is not far behind him.  He pulls his cock out and shots his cum all over your bum.  They are quickly replaced by two new guys.   You have a quick look towards your husband.  He is now naked and he has a different woman with him.  She is bouncing up and down his cock as he sits in the chair. Everywhere you look people are fucking, licking and sucking each other.
As you are the new girl in the group all the men seem determined to fuck you.  As you are so turned on there is no way you are going to stop them.  You are loving every minute of it. It seems every man has cum down your throat or up your pussy at least once and they are still giving you more.  You now know for certain your new life is going to be as a slut.  One of the men gets up and sits on a chair.  Another man picks you up and places you on his cock.  He then gets behind you and slow feeds his cock up you arse.  You have never done anal but are too far gone to care. At first it feels ever so slightly painful but this is soon replaced with pleasure.  The feeling of two cocks at once is driving you wild.  You pussy and anus feel so stretched. 
“That’s it you cheap whore take our cocks.  Tell us how much you love us fucking you”
“Oh god yes please don’t stop” you reply.
Suddenly a third man appears and offers you his cock to suck.  
“Are you trying to make me watertight?” you laugh.
“I sure am” he laughs back.
As he shoves his cock on your mouth you can’t believe what is happening. You never imagined you would be taking three cocks at once but you are loving every minute of it. You are having orgasm after orgasm.  Your body and hair is covered in cum.    Soon all three men are cumming inside you.  They are so good at this they all cum at the same time. 
You start to begin to feel exhausted.  You look at the clock and see you have been fucking for nearly 5 hours.  Luckily it seems everybody else is starting to get tired and things start to quieten down.
Jane grabs you by the hand and lays you down on the cushions again. You wonder if she is going to eat you again but Jane has other plans. 
“Right guys time to finish off.  Let’s initiate the slut into our group” 
All the guys kneel around you wanking their cocks.  Your husband is invited to join them.  Each and every man wanks himself off until he shoots his cum over your body.  You lie there exhausted but happy. 
“Surely this must be the end” you think to yourself. 
“Right girls let’s lick her clean” shouts Jane.
Suddenly all the woman descend on you.   You have tongues and mouths all over you body.  Jane is between your legs licking all the cum from your pussy.  It doesn’t take the woman long to lick you clean.  Everybody then starts getting dressed and they head off home. You thank tony and Jane for a great evening and head off home ourselves.
“So did you enjoy it?” your husband asks.
“It was alright” you lie
“Do you want to do it again?” he asks you.
“Maybe“ you laugh.
You secretly know that you are now a slut and you definitely want more.
To be continued…………………………………..