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My New Life as a Slut - Part One

Your husband and yourself enjoy a very good loving sex life and are very happy together.   Sexually you both can be dominant or submissive but are generally neither you just enjoy fucking each other. For both of you sex is about pleasure and enjoyment.  Although you both have a healthy active sexy life something inside you both yearns for something more.

You have often joked about taking up swinging but have so far kept it as fantasy.  One night while fucking you your husband says he would love to see another man fuck you.    You just laugh and reply “Maybe one day darling”.  After you have finished fucking you lie snuggling up to each other in bed.

“So babe what do you think about trying swinging?” he asks you. 
The thought of trying some new cock or maybe even a pussy has you turned on.
“What if you get jealous or it damages our relationship?” you reply.
“Well we just set up rules and boundaries and if either of us wants to stop we will” he replies.
You laugh and tell him you will think about it.  As you lie snuggled up to him you can’t help but think about what he has asked you.  The more you think about it the more turned on you get.  You reach down and grab your husband’s cock.
“Think you have the energy to fuck me again?” you ask him
“You dirty bitch you have been thinking about swinging and being fucked by other men haven’t you?” he laughs
“No I haven’t” you reply
He reaches down and feels your pussy. 
“Well this soaking wet pussy tells me different” he says.
You try to pretend you haven’t been thinking about swinging but he knows you better.  You slide down his body and start to suck his cock back to hardness. 
As you suck him off he teases you by telling you to imagine another cock fucking your pussy.  This gets your pussy dripping wet.  Once you have got him hard you get up and ride his cock.
As you ride his cock he gets you to imagine his cock is another man’s cock. 
“Tell me how much you want another man to fuck you” he asks
“Oh yes I want that so much. I want two cocks to play with” you reply.
You carry on fucking and you keep on telling your husband how much you want another man’s cock inside you.  Once you have finished fucking you collapse on the bed and you both fall asleep. 
When you awake in the morning your husband has gone to work. You lie there for while thinking about what you talked about last night.  The thought of being fucked by other man is really exciting you.  You get up and start getting ready. You admire your sexy body in the mirror.
What man wouldn’t want to fuck me you think to yourself?
For the next few days nothing is said about the swinging and you put it down to fantasy sex talk again. Then on Friday evening your husband says he wants to have a chat.  He looks quite serious and you get worried. He asks you if you have thought about what you talked about the other night. You pretend to have no idea what he is on about. 
“You know swinging” he says.
“Oh that” you reply. 
“Yes that” he laughs
You both sit and have an honest open chat about how you feel about swinging.  You discuss the pros and cons and set up ground rules.  Once you have discussed it you both decide to think about it for a while. Over the next few days you constantly think about swinging and enjoying other men and women.  The more you think about the more it turns you on.  You don’t want to appear too eager so you never mention swinging to your husband.  You are waiting for him to bring the subject again.  This time when he brings the subject of swinging up you are going to say yes.

A few days later you are out shopping for new clothes, While you are out shopping a woman comes up to you.  She introduces herself as Jane. 
“I hope you don’t mind me coming up to you. it’s just that I noticed you live in my street.  Me and my husband moved in about 6 weeks ago” she says.
“Oh right I thought you looked a bit familiar” you reply
“I know this a bit cheeky of me but would you like to have a coffee with me?  I don’t have any friends around her yet and I am so bored” she says.
You know just what she means. When you moved to the area 4 years ago you also had no friends close by.  You agree to go for a coffee with her.   As you chat you both get on a like house on fire. It feels like you have both know each other for years.  After your coffee you grab a taxi and both head off home.  As you go to go in your house Jane invites you to come around to her house in the morning for a coffee and a chat.  You tell her you would love to.  When your husband gets home you talk about the day you have both had you mention meeting Jane. 
The next morning you pop around to Jane’s house.  She opens the door to you dressed in skimpy clothes on and you notice she is quite a sexy woman.
“Hi come in” she says
You sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee and having a chat.  Again as you chat you both get on like a house on fire.   Jane seems to be admiring your body but you tell yourself not to be so silly. Suddenly a man appears in the kitchen.
“Hi honey what are you doing home?” she says
“I forgot my papers for the meeting” he replies.
Well while you are here let me introduce you both to each other.   Jane tells you that the man is her husband Tony. 
“Please to meet you Tony” you say.
“So what have you two been up to?  I hope you have not been up to anything naughty” he laughs
“No honey we have been good so far” Jane tells him.

You wonder if you think you know what he means by that remark but put it down to playful banter between man and wife. Her husband says he must go or he will be late for the meeting.  Once he has gone you and Jane continue chatting.  As you chat Jane still seems to be eyeing up your body.  This gets your pussy wet.  You get so wet you want to go home and do something about it. You tell Jane you need to get home. As you leave Jane invites you and your husband around for a meal on Saturday. 
“Well we have nothing planned so we would love to” you reply.
When you get home you quickly go upstairs so you can relive your aching pussy. You open your sex toy drawer.  This one will do you think to yourself. 
As you pleasure yourself you think about how sexy Jane is.  You wonder if she was eyeing you up or not. After an hour or so of pleasuring yourself you get up to prepare the evening meal. As you and your husband eat the meal you tell him about Jane’s invite.
“Oh do we have to” he moans
“Did I tell you how sexy Jane is?” you laugh.
“Oh in that case what time is the meal” he laughs back.
You are still feeling horny from your masturbation session earlier and need a good fucking.  After the meal you go up and get changed.  You get changed into your schoolgirl outfit as you know this drives your husband wild.
Once you have changed you go back down to the living room. 
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no need to ask what you want sexy” your husband says.
“Follow me upstairs and I will show you” you reply.
You are so horny you are undressed in minutes.
“No foreplay just fuck me” you tell him.
“Get on your hands and knees then slut” he replies.
Your husband gets behind you and enters your soaking wet pussy.
As he fucks you your mind wanders and you think about enjoying new cock or pussy.  You can’t help but think how sexy Jane is.  . 
“So when do I get new cock?” You ask your husband.
“Anytime you want” he replies
You feel your husband’s cock go even harder.  This gives you the proof you need that he truly wants to see you have fun with other men. As you continue fucking you think about how much you are going to enjoy new cocks.  Thinking about having new cocks inside you drives you wild. You beg your husband to fuck you harder.
“Are you thinking about having a new cock you dirty cow” he asks.
“Maybe” you reply.
This really turns your husband on and he starts fucking you even harder. 
“Tell me how much you want some new cock” he says. 
“Oh so much honey.  I want to be a slut” you reply.
Thinking about having new cock is driving you wild and it is not long before you have an orgasm. You husband has not cum yet so he carries on fucking you. You just carry on enjoying his cock and thinking about all the new cocks you are going to have,  After another 5 minutes your husband warns you he is about to cum. 
“Shoot all over my face.  Treat me like a slut” you tell him. 
He pulls his duck out and wanks his cock over your face.  You watch as a thick jet of cum shoots all over your face.  You scoop his cum up and rub it into your tits.  He lies down beside you and gives you a cuddle.
“You are such a sexy little bitch” he says
“No.  I am sexy little slut” you reply. 
You carry on kissing and cuddling for a while. All the kissing and cuddling has you aroused again”
“Fuck me again honey” you say to our husband.
“Sorry honey I am just too tired” he replies.
“Mmmmmmmmmm if I had another cock to play I could happily let you rest” you think to yourself.
“Just lie there and enjoy yourself” you tell him.
With that you get down so you can suck him back to hardness
Once you have him nice and hard you get up and ride his cock.  You tell him to just lie back and enjoy himself.
He lies there looking lovingly at you as you ride his cock.
“God you are so sexy.  I think other men are really going to enjoy fucking you” he says
“And I am going to enjoy fucking them” you reply.
As you ride your husband’s cock you play with you clit.   He teases you by telling you to imagine him fucking you from behind as you suck another man’s cock.  The thought of that drives you wild and cum is dribbling all down your legs.  You husband warns you he is about to cum.
“Wait for me honey” you tell him.
You start riding his cock even harder.  It is not long before you feel yourself about to cum
“Oh god I am cumming.  Cum with me honey” you tell him.
He waits until he can feel you being to orgasm and then lets himself cum deep inside you.  Once you have finished cumming you collapse in his arms kissing him deeply. You just lie there cuddling each other until you fall asleep.
Saturday quickly arrives and you and your husband are getting ready to you go to Jane’s.  You are wondering what you should wear.  You think about your coffee mornings with Jane and how she seems to be eyeing you up.  Well let’s give her something to look at you think to yourself.      You choose something that sows off your lags and cleavage to perfection. 
“So what do you think” you ask your husband
“Wow very sexy” What are you hoping for?” he laughs
You tell your husband how you think Jane has been eyeing you up and you are dressed like this to tease her”
“You have never told me you are interested in woman” he says.
“I am not honey but never say never” you laugh.
You grab a bottle of wine and both head over to Jane’s house.   Jane answers the door looking very sexy.
“Wow my wife said you are very sexy” says your husband.
You blush and playfully smack him on the arm. 
“Mmmm so you find me sexy.  Well I have to admit you look pretty sexy yourself.  Nice outfit.  Shows you legs and cleavage to perfection” says Jane.
She invites you in and offers you both a drink.  You ask where Tony is and Jane tells you he is finishing cooking dinner. She says she is a lousy cook and Tony loves to cook so she lets him.  After 5 minutes Tony tells you dinner is ready.  The meal he has cooked is perfect.  During dinner Jane takes every opportunity to brush against you and her husband seems to be undressing you with his eyes.  You soon start to become very turned on. 
After dinner you all retire to the sitting room.  You sit chatting and drinking and talk soon turns around to sex.   You admit to both being curious about swinging but are still a bit unsure. 
“Well you won’t know if you like or not until you try it” laughs Jane.
You notice the time and tell Jane you husband and yourself have to leave.  You both thank Jane and Tony for a wonderful evening.
“We will have to do this again.  Maybe next time at mine” you tell Jane
“Well we do have a special party each month for a few select friends.  It’s our turn to be the host next Saturday.  You are both welcome to join us” say Jane.
“Ok maybe you reply”
As you walk home with your husband you discuss Jane’s offer.
“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” you ask  your husband
“If you mean have we just been invited to a swinger’s party then yes” he replies. 
When you get home you talk about whether to go the party or not.  You decide to go and if either of you does not want to go through with it once things hot up you make polite excuses and leave.  Your mind soon wanders and you are already thinking about next Saturday night.  Thinking about Saturday doesn’t take long to start you off and you ask your husband to fuck you. 

To be continued……………………………….