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Anitas First Visit.

It was Anita’s first visit to the Dirty Doctors clinic and being the extrovert that she was, she was really looking forward to the occasion.

Nurse Speedybee dressed in her very short white nurses uniform welcomed Anita into the reception area and took some details before bending over and placed some files into the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet giving Anita a birds eye view of her panty less rear, this pleased Anita as she caught sight of her tight brown puckered asshole and the folds and creases of her vaginal opening.

Speedybee then lead Anita into the surgery were even though she wasn’t shocked it was quite an eye opener to see Nurse Martha squatting down on her tip toes in front of the dirty Doctor who had released his Cock from his pants which she was sucking feverishly.

Without batting an eyelid and with a smile on his face the Doctor glanced at Anita “Hello Anita and what seems to be your problem” “I have this uncontrollable urge to piss, I suppose it started a couple of months ago I needed a wee but put it off because I was enthralled in a film I was watching, as soon as it finished I was bursting so I hurriedly rushed to the bathroom but I was dribbling in my panties as I climbed the stairs I hadn’t even pulled my knickers down as I sat on the toilet and I was peeing with such force but the sensation was wonderful as the warm liquid ran through my knickers and all over my inner thighs, since then I have pissed in the garden when I know nobody is watching, on my nights out with the girls I try to find a secluded spot where I can piss and even working the night shift at the hospital where I work I generally make an excuse to go outside and pee secretly and try to pee as high as I can up against the wall, my record at the moment being 4 feet” said Anita “I see! I think we will get you to strip off and pop you on the bed then and give you a closer examination Anita” Replied the Dirty Doctor as he struggled to put his erection back into his pants.

Anita did as she was asked removing her clothing and climbing onto the bed, her nipple piercings quite apparent but not as apparent as her Pussy piercings as her bum was on the very edge of the bed and her legs splayed wide in the stirrups a large heavy gold ring directly through her clitoral hood and two matching ones through her piss flaps, lengthened beyond belief by the heavy weights that were attached.

The Dirty Dr, Speedybee and Martha all crowded around her touching her nipples which hardened to their touch, fingers found her Pussy piercings pulling, stroking and caressing even at this early stage Anita was getting moister, it was only a matter of minutes when the Dirty Doctor said to Speedybee and Martha.
“If you could pull her Piss flaps open I can give Anita an internal”

Speedybee and Martha pulled those labia lips really wide with their fingers looped through rings exposing her pink inner walls, the Dirty Dr with his left hand pulled on the ring through her Clitty opening her up even further before inserting two of his fingers deep inside her Cunny twisting and turning them, delving and probing even further trying to reach her G-spot and without warning Anita started to piss uncontrollably, it was spraying everywhere drenching the Dr and his two nurses.

The Doctor pulled harder on her Clit ring to stop the flow but only made it worse as the stream jettisoned higher into the air hitting Speedybee directly in the face and finally the torrent became a trickle and the trickle turned to drips. Anita apologised profusely but there was no need to as was totally acceptable.

Both Martha and Speedybee placed a surgical glove on their right hands. Anita’s legs spread even further.
Martha stands directly in front of Anita and pushes upwards against her Vulva, opening her Cunthole ever so slightly before inserting 1,2,3, and then 4 fingers deep inside her and after a couple of minutes of manipulation Martha wraps her fingers around her thumb and pushes slowly so that her fingers and thumb are now in Anita’s Pussy up to the knuckles, this takes Anita’s breathe away momentarily until her vaginal walls start to relax and a smile appears on her face, when this happens Martha knows she can inch in deeper and with gradual pressure it’s not long before Martha’s fist is in Anita’s Cunny to the wrist, slowly she starts to slide her hand in and out of Anita’s gaping Cunthole the slurping sounds echoing round the room.

Anita gasps as Martha’s Fist probes deeper and faster a frothy white substance appears all around Anita’s Pussy as Martha’s Fist penetrates her with such force. Martha knows Anita is about to have one gigantic Orgasm and pushes one last time to the limit, sending squeals of delight from Anita’s lips. Martha withdraws her cum coated gloved hand from Anita’s Cunny only to be replaced by Speedybee’s hand which slides in easily, no sooner as her hand goes in Speedybee withdraws it with force and starts to use her Cunt like a punch bag in and out, in and out taking Anita over the edge her body shaking and convulsing.

“Oooooooooooooooooooos, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs, slurpsssssssssssssss and squelchessssssssss” echo round the room as Speedybee’s Fist punctures Anita’s Cunny sending her to heights she’d never experienced, all the way into to the wrist and all the way out again never relenting bringing Anita into a sexual frenzy as another multiple Orgasm rips through her body. Finally Speedybee slowly withdraws her hand from Anita’s quivering Pussy and notices the Dirty Doctor furiously wanking his Cock at the spectacle he’s just seen.
Knowing of Anita’s reputation Speedybee isn’t slow off the mark in quickly placing a condom over the Dirty Dr’s Cock and frantically wanking him off, it’s not long before his fully erect Prick has gone from upright to limp emptying the contents of his ball sacs into the condom which Speedybee peels from him keeping a tight grip on the end of the condom.

“Martha will you place a tablet in Anita’s mouth please”
Martha asks Anita “To open wide” whilst she places a tablet onto Anita’s outstretched tongue and has she holds it there precariously Speedybee tips the contents of the condom on her tongue.
“Swallow please”…………………………