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Animal Passion

The photo shoot had gone well. Speedy was well and truly in the “zone”. Secretary Sandra was very hot.

“How about the animal print stockings” asked Speedy.

“Yes, that sounds great” the two eager photographers said almost as one.

Speedy went from the large spacious bedroom cum studio into the en-suite to change, allowing the boys a chance for a quick sip of pink champagne.

In a few moments she returned wearing the animal print bra, thong, hold-up stockings and mules.

“So, will this do?” she asked.

“Wow, oh my god.” said Graham…

“How’s about we move into the bathrooms. He sunlight in there is wonderful”.

They three of them moved into the en-suite bathroom, which was bathed in rich yellow sunlight.  Speedy started to fill the large bath with warm water.

“Don’t think I’ll be needing this?” she said, removing her bra.

She stepped out of her mules and into the bath.

“This is wonderful. The bath is huge. More than enough room for me!” she giggled.

Gary and Graham started taking pictures of Speedy as she moved in the bath.

Gary swapped his camera for the video camera.

“I think this will work better with the sunlight,” he said.

Gary filmed Speedy as she moved in the bath. Smiling at the camera she cupped her breasts.

Speedy grinned at the photographers.

“Coming in? The water is just perfect! There’s more than enough room!”

The guys removed what was left of their clothes and climbed into the bath. Gary at the foot end and Graham at the tap end with Speedy in between them facing Graham. A perfect Speedy sandwich for the happy snappers!

They both moved towards Speedy. Graham could feel her warm body on his. He could feel her stiff nipples touch his chest. Those nipples were amazing. They never slept!

Moving back a fraction he could see her boobs and those nipples. He could also see Gary’s hands working on her arse. Gary and Graham moved closer - squeezing Speedy. Gary continued working her trim arse. He could see that one of Speedy’s hands was behind her stroking and wanking Gary’s stiff cock.

Graham sank down in the bath until his head was level with her breasts. Cupping them he started to suck and lick each breast, moving from one erect nipple to the other. Tugging gently as he moved. They swayed together.

Graham rose to his feet in the bath. His cock was level with Speedy’s head.

He could see Gary massaging her arse and also see his hand between her legs gently feeling and rubbing her juicy pussy.

Speedy reached out to his cock. Looking down Graham could see her deep red nails moving along his cock. It stiffened with her massage.

He felt her start to roll his foreskin back and forth, feeling it ride up along and back over his purple glans. Speedy pushed and pulled, finally he felt his foreskin move fully back. Leaning back he could see, and also sense Speedy’s mouth approaching his erection. He could feel her exhaling as she slowly got closer and closer.

He tingled as her tongue touched the end of his erection. Looking down he saw her red-nailed fingers guiding his cock towards her open mouth.

“Ready hun?” she asked.

“Mmmmmmm” was all that he could muster…

He felt Speedy move slightly towards him. Her tongue licked across the top of his cock tickling it and arousing in.

Looking down at Speedy he saw her take his cock into her mouth. He felt his erect shaft inside her mouth, felt the warmth and the wetness. Speedy moved her mouth up and down his erection.

Gary climbed out of the bath and picked up his video camera. He moved close to Speedy and Graham. He framed the shot. Speedy sucking cock surrounded by a halo of warm yellow sunshine. Not the perfect shot - but it was hot as hell.

He felt her hot lips surround his glans, he could feel as her tongue probes along his rolled back foreskin, pushing it. He could feel her tongue move from there towards the very tip of his cock. Could feel her tongue probing his pee hole. He felt pure ecstasy at this. Speedy flicked the top of his cock with her tongue, dragging it lightly across his pee hole.

Graham could feel her pulling on his cock - forcing his foreskin back - and then licking along the stiff shaft. He felt electric. Tingling all the way from his balls to the top of his head.

As Speedy moved her head onto and off his cock Graham also started swaying his hips in counterpoint. When Speedy moved forward onto his cock Graham moved slightly forward. Speedy slowly wanking his cock with her mouth and Graham slowly fucking her willing mouth.

Gary moved slightly keeping the two of them in frame.

Speedy moved a hand behind Graham’s thigh - so that she could also lever him in and out of her mouth.

Graham pushed his cock into her mouth slowly and felt her lips on his cock. Speedy tightened her lip grip. Graham moaned with sheer pleasure. He pulled back feeling the tightness around his cock. Speedy surprised Graham by gently biting his glans just where his foreskin was rolled out. Graham whimpered and instinctively pushed his twitching erect cock back into her welcoming mouth.

Speedy responded to his gentle thrust by licking along his cock, moving slowly and deliberately towards his ball sack. Graham felt her tongue trace a line along the side of his cock, from his purple helmet slowly towards his balls. Her tongue tickled as it moved through his pubic hair. A shiver went through his very soul as Speedy sucked one of his balls.

“Like this hun?” she asked…

Graham was beyond speaking.

“Aaaaaagh” was all he could manage!

Speedy placed her deep red lips around the ball and sucked it into her mouth, almost inhaling it. Graham’s cock twitched at this, he trembled.

God Speedy was hot. She knew every way to pleasure a man………………………..