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Speedybee's Photoshoot


Speedy walked into the hotel room, pulling a small case-on-wheels. The hotel was nice in a modern slightly empty, feng-shui sort of style.

A large bed fringed by long mirrors dominated the room. The end of the bed was covered with large pillows. The emptiness appealed to Speedy.

A light by the bed was on illuminating the room.

Graham had been setting up his stuff when Speedy had entered the room. He rose, expectantly.

"Speedy - hello - lovely to see you - you look wonderful - thanks for coming". 
Speedy looked in the mirror; yes she thought I do look pretty damn good. She'd dressed for the meeting as Graham had asked. Graham liked Speedy's curve and had asked for a dress that would accentuate the curves. Speedy had chosen a medium length black dress. On top she had a yellow blouse underneath a black jacket. On her feet a she wore a pair of black elegant flat heels.

Understated but she looked the part - curves personified.

To the casual observer she looked like an average business woman staying at a hotel.

However, underneath the outfit it was a little different!

Graham had specifically requested that Speedy not wear a bra or knickers. His excuse was that wearing these might have caused lines. Men!

Speedy walked over to the bed and placed the case by the bottom of the bed.

"Would you like a drink? I have some chilled pink champagne - I know you like it?"

"Yes please - I am parched - what a journey".

Graham poured a glass. Speedy could see his hand trembling slightly. She reached forward and took the glass. Sipping the cold liquid, the bubbles played on her tongue.

"This is lovely. She said. "You know that I love pink champagne".

Pausing to put the half-emptied glass down, she walked to the curtained window, pulled the back curtains and took in the view. It was early evening and the lights of the city twinkled. Looking down from the fourth floor Speedy could see the busy ant-like commuters scuttling below her. She thought she saw one of them stop and glance upward toward her silhouetted in the window.

"I wonder if he knows what I am doing here tonight?" She mused to herself.

Speedy also wondered herself quite what she was doing her. She was thinking, and anticipating what was going to happen. She'd thought about liaisons before, had come close on several occasions. But this time it was a little different. She'd agreed to meet and be photographed by Graham. Speedy, an out and out exhibitionist, liked the idea of being seen and photographed by essentially a stranger.

Moving back from the window Speedy took her glass and sat on the bed. Sipping the cool pink champagne she started to relax. What a day…

Pausing to place her glass on the bedside cabinet Speedy reached for the case. She opened the case - and looked inside. She'd packed it especially for this photo shoot - as she and Graham had agreed in advance on the many, many props needed for the event.

"Graham? Are you ready to start?" she said.

"Yes. I'm ready." He answered.

Two pairs of very shiny very high heels nestled amongst the other contents, one red pair and an identical black pair.

A selection of stockings - varying styles and colours. She knew Graham had a real "thing" about stockings, especially old-fashioned fully-fashioned seamed ones.

Speedy liked wearing stockings, she liked the way they looked, liked the way they made her feel. So this was no hardship. There were three suspender belts, one black, one red and one white, all lacy. Her favourite PVC corset too just in case.

A selection of thongs in colours to match the suspender belts completed the lingerie collection.

Graham looked over at Speedy on the bed - and saw some of the suitcase contents.

"Speedy, exquisite choice, and accessories too!"

There had to be things to play with. Speedy loved her toys so much. She'd brought a small selection from her vast collection - several vibrators, dildos and a couple of plugs.

"I know you love to see me toy with my fanny babe".

He loved to see Speedy play with her toys. It turned him immensely. The thought of seeing Speedy plunge a vibrator deep within her tight juicy pussy had kept him stiffly awake on more than one occasion…

Speedy sat on the edge bed as Graham set about arranging the photo shoot. He moved the lights he'd brought so that the room was bathed in light.

"Would you like to start with a red outfit babe?" Speedy asked, sensing that it would please Graham.

"You read my mind hun" he said.

Reaching inside the case she selected a red frilly lacy suspender belt to match the deep red colour of her nails. Painted nails were another of Graham's things. Speedy then picked an unopened pack of black fully-fashioned cuban-heeled stockings. To complete the outfit she chose a red thong.

Standing up she started to remove the clothes that she'd warn to the shoot. Off came the jacket, the top and the black skirt. Speedy slipped off the shoes. Turning towards Graham she said.

"Well hun - do you like what you see. Will I do?"

Graham saw her and whistled.

"Speedy you're perfect. I can't wait to start".

Looking he took in her curves - and Speedy was truly curvaceous. Her soft 38DD boobs, stiffening nipples, her curvy arse, the smooth fanny with that tattoo, and of course the clitoral stud. 

Speedy picked up the suspenders, black stockings and the thong.

"Will these do - Mr Photographer?" She giggled.

"My, oh my - aren't they lovely".

Speedy sat on the bed and clipped the suspender belt on. Opening the cellophane packet she carefully took out the black delicate fully-fashioned nylon stockings. Gingerly she put the first one on, followed by the second. Reaching behind her legs Speedy straightened the seams as best as she could. She reached for the suspender belt clips and fastened these to the stockings.

Completing the outfit she slipped on the red thong. To go with the red outfit she picked out the red heels with the 5" heels almost impossible to walk in. But, let's face it, they were never designed for walking. They were boudoir shoes, pure and simple.

Standing she turned to Graham.

"Babe will this do? Does it get your cock hard?"

As she moved slightly her full 38DD breasts swayed and moved. She'd done it deliberately as it turned Graham on.

"Perfect. Stiff as a board." said Graham.

Speedy had also made up her lips with several layers of red, moist very red lipstick.

"Let's check your seams Speedy? Before we start." said Graham.

Graham knelt down behind Speedy. His eyes and his slightly trembling hands traced up the seams starting from the red shiny heels. As he progressed upwards he repositioned the seam. Speedy shivered in anticipation as his hands moved up her calves onto the back of her thighs.

"Mmmmm it feels divine".

Graham took a step back to ensure the seams were OK.

"Speedy, babe are you ready?"

"Oh yes - let's start and see where we go".

She sat on the edge of the bed. Speedy moved from the edge of the bed and lay back on it moving to keep herself in the middle.

"Let's see your seams babe, please?"

Speedy responded by lifting her legs up keeping them together - showing the backs of her stocking clad legs to the very expectant photographer.

"Pretty nigh on perfect" said Graham whistling.

"Keep that position please".

As she did the camera flashed several times.

Graham liked that pose with Speedy's legs toned by the nylon with the seams lined perfectly. He could see the round finishing keyhole of the top of stockings and traced his eve up from there to Speedy's heel. The shiny red CFM heels added the vision.

Speedy slowly opened her legs with Graham taking more pictures as she did so.

"Right let's take some more pictures - are you ready and comfortable Speedy?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm ready - wouldn't say it was very comfortable" Speedy chuckled.

"Speedy please can you pull your feet in towards your bottom and spread your legs?"

Speedy did as asked. Her legs came in toward her. She could feel the high heels moving on the duvet. At the same time she opened her legs which formed a V shape.

"Do you like this?" she giggled

"Perfect" said Graham as he took several pictures of Speedy.

With her legs open, her shiny red heels digging into the duvet slightly. Her black fully-fashioned cuban-heeled stockings were looking perfect. The seams lined up. Her arms made sure that her full 38DD boobs were on display too.

The camera flashed several times.

"Speedy could you put your hands on the thong please?"

Speedy moved her hands down onto her thong. The camera flashed.

"Speedy, move the thong to one side please".

She did, the camera flashed.

"Speedy can you put your hand around those lovely arse cheeks and pull the thong to one side"

She did. The camera flashed.

"Speedy, please move your hands down to your fanny. I want you to spread your labia wider and wider. I want to see the entrance to your vagina fully exposed. I want to see the ring."

Speedy did as asked. Slowly her hands traced down her belly - slowly over the red lacy suspender belt.

The flash went off several times.

"Speedy that's perfect" said Graham

She paused when she reached the top of her smooth pubic mound. She paused near her "Fuck Me" tattoo.

"You like photographing that don't you?" Speedy asked her photographer.

"You know I do babe." He responded.

Again more flashes.

Inching down through her smooth crutch her red polished fingers slowly reached for her highly aroused labia.

Her right thumb and index finger gingerly touched her right labia - the finger and thumb holding onto it - followed shortly by Speedy's left hand. Gently she pulled the labia back with just her index fingers exposing her clitoris along with its little silvery piercing.

The flash went off.

Speedy teased her labia apart - slowly to tease the rather excited photographer. She was nothing if not the best tease there ever was….

The flash went off.

"Love the picture of you spreading like that. Especially with those red nails."

Speedy moved her fingers a little further stretching herself open. She could feel herself opening.

The flash went off.

Graham framed the next shot - this was nigh on perfect. He could see Speedy's spread fanny, her red nails, her full breasts, the high heels and also the stocking seams.

The flash went off.

"Speedy can you hold that pose please?"

She saw the flash go off several times as Graham captured the pose.

"That's great," said Graham.

"Would you like me to finger my fanny?" asked Speedy, keen to tease him, knowing he would be utterly unable to resist.

"Mmmmmmmmm" replied Graham.

Speedy moved her right index finger from her labia and moved it slowly towards the entrance of her vagina. Slowly she positioned it poised just above her hole.

The flash went off.

Speedy could feel that she was wet inside and the last thing she needed was lubrication. Her finger slid almost effortlessly inside. Graham could see her wriggle slightly. One finger was never enough. So whilst Graham took photographs she moved her left index finger over to join her sunken right one. This too, slipped slowly into the sticky hole.

The flash went off.

Speedy was horny and wanted to show Graham all of herself. Slowly she pulled both fingers apart opening her vaginal sphincter. She could feel herself opening up in front of the camera.

This was altogether too much for Graham - he was rendered practically speechless.


"So you like it then" she purred.

The flash went off several times.

"There's more if you want?" she whispered.

"Yes, yes" he muttered…

Each index finger was joined by another finger. The pairs of fingers slipped synchronously into Speedy's slippery fanny.

The flash went off.

This time instead of two finger stretching there were two pairs.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"What do you think?" responded Graham who had recovered composure.

Speedy slowly parted her fingers exposing herself even more than the last time. She hooked her fingers back so that Graham could see deep inside her gaping slippery vagina.

They were on the bed together. Speedy was lying on her back and Graham was on his knees. He had an idea. It was time to try something a little different.

"Speedy?" he said.

"Yes" she replied.

"Fancy a tit fuck?"

"Love one" she giggled.

Graham got off his knees and straddled Speedy. She looked down along her body to see Graham.

"I need a pillow to get a better view of you and your lovely stiff cock".

Reaching beside her she placed the large pillows under her head.

"Now - that's a much better view. I can see all of you, and especially that lovely stiff cock of yours" she said.

Graham moved along her torso towards her full breasts very slowly - his erect cock bobbled slightly with each movement. As he moved towards her Speedy could feel his heavy spunk-laden balls bounce along her. It tickled as Graham's pubic hair brushed her stomach. She knew that she wanted to have that cock between her tits.

Stopping just short of her breasts Graham reached down to his erection and placed his right hand around it. Very slowly and very deliberately he started massaging his erect cock pulling the foreskin slowly back and forth.

Speedy could see this and looked and purred. Increasing the strength of the massage Speedy saw his glans starting to emerge from underneath the foreskin. The "now you see it now you don't" continued as Graham kept going until finally his tight foreskin started to slowly wrap itself around his taut purple glans.

He loved the feeling of his foreskin rolling back over his glans and liked to take time rather than pulling it over in one motion. Several times his tight foreskin appeared to be rolling back over the purple dome only to be deftly pulled back again. With a final pull his foreskin went passed the point of no return popping firmly into place it formed a neat and tight ridge around his glans.

Speedy licked her lips in anticipation.

"Speedy, wrap your boobs around me please?"

He moved slowly towards her as Speedy held her breast together. As Graham moved closer he could sense her warm encroaching breasts. Slowly his cock touched and was then enveloped in Speedy's full warm boobs.

He adjusted his position slightly and started to move his body and of course his erect cock in and out of Speedy's large warm tits.

He reached for the camera - he didn't want to miss losing this sight. Focusing on Speedy's breasts he pushed forward and saw his cock emerge.

The flash went several times.

Speedy could see Graham's cock as it worked between her tits. When he pushed she could see his purple glans and the pee hole as it came out of her pressed cleavage. When he pulled back she could see it disappear back between her breasts.

Leaning her head forward a little she was able to place her open mouth so that on the push stroke Graham's cock just touched her protruding tongue. When it did they both tingled with expectation.

The flash went off.

"Speedy" said Graham as he slowly ploughed his cock between Speedy's tits.

"Yes hun".

"Where do you want me to shoot when I'm ready? On your gorgeous big tits or in your mouth?"

"What a choice" she said deliberating slowly.

"In my mouth" she said. "I want to feel you shoot your load feel it splash onto my tongue and taste your salty sperm."

Graham kept moving his erection in and out of Speedy's warm cleavage. Each time the tip of his glans just touched her tongue.


He moved forward a fraction so that on the next thrust instead of touching he tongue the tip of his warm shiny erect cock just slipped between Speedy's open lips. He could feel her warm tongue start to lick his cock.

He withdrew and pushed forward a little further - this time his purple glans was inside her mouth. He could feels Speedy's lips on the ridge of his cock. It felt amazing.

He pulled out again, pausing before thrusting back fully into her warm moist mouth.

Speedy wrapped her tongue round his bulging cock. Closing her mouth around his cock she sucked Graham's cock into her warm mouth.

Moving his erection rhythmically in and out of Speedy's mouth he felt his balls move across her breasts. He tingles and his cock twitched.

"Hun, time to lighten your load"…


Graham slowly upped the pace, thrusting his erect cock in and out, in and out of her mouth.

On the in stroke Speedy tried to suck his cock deep within her. She could feel the tip of his cock at the back of her mouth, gagging ever so slightly. On the out stroke she closed her mouth and tried to unroll his foreskin.

Graham loved the contrast - the intense sucking on the in and the warm resistance on the out stroke.

As they continued Graham felt himself getting close to the point where he knew he wouldn't be able to stop.

In and out went his cock.

"Speedy, hum, are you ready, I am oh so, so close".

"Give me all you've got hum".

Graham pushed and pulled - reaching that point where he knew there was no going back.

In and out, in and out, in and out.,

On the out stroke he could feel his balls start to twitch, could feel the sperm start to leave his balls and gush up through his cock. Sensing himself fractions of seconds from shooting he pushed in. He could feel the tip of his cock move along the roof of Speedy's mouth.

His cock twitched as the first jet of warm salty sperm left his cock and splattered on the roof of Speedy's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm" she muttered.

Pulling back slightly his cock moved onto her tongue just as the second jet squirted onto her tongue. Speedy could feel the first sticky deposit dripping from the roof of her mouth, some of it joining the small puddle of come on her tongue. She could taste the warm salty fluid.

Another, slightly smaller jerk of his cock produced another contribution.

"Mmmmmmmmm" he said.

Speedy slowly moved her come covered tongue around his cock determined to coat all of his stiff cock in sperm. It felt sublime. God she knew just how to please a man.

"Speedy, just love to see what you've done t my cock hun".

Loosening her grip a little Graham slowly withdrew his cock from her warm mouth.

Looking downwards he saw his cock shaft was coated with come. In places he could also see traces of Speedy's red lipstick.

The flash went off…………………………………………………………………….